10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

R3Vox: The Next Survey Revolution Starts Here

The Voxometer® will be making its public debut in the water at OI 2024.

This new underwater mapping sonar is the only MA3® Multi-Aspect Hydrospatial Survey System that delivers multiple, real-time observations of Voxels at multiple aspect angles and at increased survey speed.

Powered by 8 new patented technologies, all sensors and software required to perform a hydrographic survey are native to the Voxometer. It’s an all-in-one system that provides a completely intuitive and user-friendly experience, improving every step of the survey from simple installation, effortless communication, and processing of data that is clean and accurate, regardless of the surveyor’s level of experience.

UDSD® - User-Defined Sampling Density – samples the bottom exactly where you want it, with the precise density you choose, providing highly accurate near end-quality data. MegaRes® offers more than 50% improvement in resolution at 1MHz operating frequency.

Whatever your mission, the Voxometer saves time and money, delivering high precision data like never before.

This next generation survey system that is set to revolutionize the hydrographic survey industry is brought to you by R2Sonic and R3Vox. Should you be interested in participating in a boat demo, kindly get in touch on [email protected].

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