12–14 March 2024
London, Excel

Exclusive Show Launches


With 4 years elapsed since our last live Oceanology International, we are excited to offer our largest ever list of on-stand launches and presentations. Be sure you check out these launches and be in the vanguard of the latest cutting edge developments.

Timed Launches

Attend a timed launch and benefit from being the first to see the latest solutions from across the floor.

Haoye Tech

Stand: L650       

Date: 15/03/22

Time: 0900        

Launching a new range of underwater thrusters and electric outboards.

Kongsberg Maritime

Stand: D600      

Date: 15/03/22

Time: 1200        

Since the first dive in 1993 the KONGSBERG HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) System has become the most successful commercially available AUV ever built. Now we launch a new version of HUGIN at Oceanology International. It builds on the proven capabilities of the advanced HUGIN Architecture, adding cutting edge autonomy to deliver the most advanced low-drag AUV.

Blueye Robotics

Stand: D503      

Date: 15/03/22

Time: 1200        

The new X3 ROV is a technical leap for Blueye because 3  Guest Ports enable endless possibilities for integrating a vast array of external equipment.


Stand: D450                    

Date: 15/03/2022

Time: 1400        

A revolutionary range of affordable and ready-to-use pink micro-AUVs. The YUCO micro-AUV is highly compact at less than 10kg and only 1 metre long. Up to 10 hours autonomy, speed up to 6 knots with a depth rated at 300m.

Untimed Stand Launches

AAE Technologies

Stand: LJ301     

Pyxis USBL subsea acoustic tracking technology uses a highly advanced inertial navigation system (INS) and inertially aided Ultra Short Baseline system capable of accurate subsea tracking with survey grade performance.

Amo Special Kabel

Stand: P401                     

1st DNV approved aluminium power cables for ships.  Replacing copper for substantial savings-both cost and environmental.

Seamor Marine

Stand: P351

The Mako ROV 8 thruster vehicle with 22.5kg payload and 2km operating depth.

Subsea Tech

Stand: K200      

Subsea Tech has specially developed a semi-autonomous underwater vehicle (SAUV) for the inspection and cleaning of biofouling on ships.

TDI Brooks

Stand: M390

Neptune 5000 coiled rod cone penetration test system.

Tritech International

Stand: H400

Launch of the Micron Gemini sonar: an extremely cost effective, powerful real-time imaging sonar in the body of the Gemini 720im. Alongside improved image quality, the Micron Gemini now includes a built in pressure sensor, temperature sensor, depth sensor and optional AHRS.


Stand: K200

Noveltis is launching a new service allowing an easy access to 30 years of historical wave and wind data, all over the world, through the www.enovOcean.com web platform.

Ocean Alpha

Stand: G450      

OceanAlpha, a leading USV developer and manufacturer based in Hong Kong, is uniting with its French distributor, Cadden, to present an enticing interaction space.

PyroScience GmbH

Stand: K251 

The new AquapHOx technology launching at Oi comprises single-analyte shallow-water and multi-analyte deep sea long-term loggers and realtime transmitters. 

Pytheas Technology

Stand: L300

Specialized in piezoelectricity, Pytheas launches a new underwater acoustic product range, consisting of Very low  frequency transducers, projectors transducers, hydrophones and arrays. 


Stand: J551

Designed for automated and intuitive operations, the RUBHY buoy can record, send and display real time underwater noise such as SEL – Sound Exposure Level and SPL – Sound Pressure Level over a 10km distance.


Stand: C504

The world's first sea-to-air drone essentially features the combination of a heavy-duty aerial drone and QYSEA’s industrial-class FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS ROV.

Kongsberg Maritime

Stand: D600      

cNODE Mantis is an exciting new addition to the cNODE product range of acoustic modems which brings the new capability to stream live video feed, for a variety of subsea installation tasks.

Kongsberg Maritime

Stand: D600

The EM 712 multibeam echo sounder is Kongsberg Maritime's second generation high to very high resolution seabed mapping system, and is now available to suit a wide range of USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles). 


Stand: D201                    

See the newly launched, highly versatile, compact, future-proof NEXUS 8 multiplexer, and hear more about what it can do for you.

Marine AI

Stand: B201      

Release of a new suite of sophisticated software plugins for the company’s Guardian Vision platform, which provides computer vision-based sensor analytics for ocean-going vessels.

Harvest Technology Group

Stand: R201      

We offer low bandwidth connectivity technology solutions and have a big development to announce in the lead-up to Oi. The product in question will demo-ed at the booth.


Stand: F498

New to the coastal monitoring industry, Aqua TROLL 500 & Aqua TROLL 600 multiparameter sensors for the most difficult monitoring projects. Combined with In-Situ's revolutionary telemetry device.


Stand: L301       

Investigator 30 (I30) is the new member in DWTEK's observation class ROV series. Its light weight and slim design is perfect for aquaculture and dam inspection, academic research and many more scenarios.

ECA Group

Stand: N200

ECA GROUP launches the R7: The latest addition to ECA GROUP's family of ROVs, combines the compactness and ease of deployment of mini-ROVs with the performance, speed and payload carrying capacity of professional observation-class ROVs.


Stand: K500      

Echologger presents the new3D imaging sonar DASS710 that can be deployed in standalone mode or in daisy-chain mode using RS-485 network.

Eiva Navisuite

Stand: D500      

The NaviSuite Kuda software is dedicated to USV-and vessel-based hydrographic surveys, offering all the necessary tools to carry out cost- and time-efficient bathymetric survey operations.


Stand: A400

MAANTA is a unique tagging and tracking system, non-stressful and non-intrusive for marine animals. Durable, reliable, retrievable and reusable, MAANTA trackers are designed to be towed by marine life and are encased in a foam housing, so they float to the surface after detaching.

CHC Navigation

Stand: N301      

Apache 4 USV brings together the best of high-accuracy positioning and automated navigation control technology, built around the operator's habits when conducting ADCP hydrographic cross-section flow measurements. 

Deep Water Buoyancy

Stand: K20

Subsea buoyancy product TBC.

Derinsu Underwater Engineering

Stand: H200

Presenting Optimus Prime: 80m survey vessel which will be the largest Multipurpose Offshore Survey & Support Vessel in the private sector of Turkey. The vessel has proven capability in providing ROV operations, offshore survey operations, intervention support as well as support for construction work.

ANB Sensors

Stand: M504

The world’s first calibration-free pH sensor for ocean monitoring. Easy to use, simple to integrate, robust and economically priced.

Arctic Rays

Stand: M621

Swordfish fully integrated geo referenced still & video imaging for small AUVs. 

ASL Environmental Services

Stand: E400/401

Within the Canada Pavillion, ASL presents the AZFP6-Ice, a new technological development that combines fish profiling with Ice profiling for the first time.


Stand: H201

EdgeTech will be showing the new 3400-OTS lightweight sub-bottom profiler and the new 6205s2 Wide Swath Bathymetry and Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar System at Oi this year.

Along with the EdgeTech 3400-OTS and 6205s2, the company will be displaying the new acoustic release based Ropeless Fishing system, 4205 tri-frequency side scan sonar system and eBOSS buried object sonar.

EIVA a/s

Stand: D500

Introducing NaviSuite Kuda Core! This new software variant is tailored to support hydrographic surveys with a single USV or small survey vessel using multi-beam echo sounder (including backscatter), LiDAR and/or camera. It is simple to configure and run. Affordable for entry-level survey professionals – priced at € 1.998 annually. And provides advanced hydrographic survey features from NaviSuite Kuda software, as it is one of several variants of this software bundle.

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