12–14 March 2024
London, Excel

Exclusive Show Launches

Get ready to witness the unveiling of cutting-edge innovations at the upcoming Oceanology International! Experience the thrill of live product launches, where the latest advancements in marine technology take center stage. Witness first-hand the ingenuity and creativity of industry leaders as they showcase their ground-breaking creations. Immerse yourself in a world of transformative technologies, designed to revolutionize our understanding and exploration of the vast underwater realm.

Exclusive Launches

With 2 years elapsed since our last live Oceanology International, we are excited to offer our largest ever list of on-stand launches and presentations in the event’s five decade history. Don’t forget, the opportunities below are IN ADDITION to our full Conference Programme and live dockside demonstrations, so make a space in your diary for Oceanology International 2024 12-14 March, at London’s Excel Centre.

Check out the current list of companies who are scheduled to launch this year... with more to come.

Stand L620

Arctic Rays specializes in deep-sea lighting, imaging and surveillance systems and other subsea technologies, custom-engineered to the demanding requirements of deep ocean use on AUVs, ROVs, manned submersibles and other offshore and underwater structures. Thanks to patented technology, our designs feature the smallest possible size and lowest power consumption available, while providing or exceeding the high quality and performance expected from the industry.

Stand L20

Ashford Instrumentation offers probably the widest range of pressure measuring instrumentation for the commercial diving and subsea market. We are specialist suppliers of subsea pressure and temperature gauges with the ability to supply worldwide, often from stock.

Stand E401/E400

Come see a rugged, low-cost acoustic controlled platform for unmanned deployment and retrieval of underwater assets. It is accompanied with a gear tracking and monitoring software.

Stand S300

Are you looking for a small size, low weight, cost effective shallow water bathymetric multibeam echosounder for small boats, zodiacs, ASVs, USVs? If your answer is yes, - please visit us!

Stand G10

Focus on bathymetry, Hydro-Tech is the leading multibeam echo sounder suppliers in China. Our advantage is to supply good performance sonar at affordable price as well as customer-oriented service.

Stand D351

We will be launching groundbreaking high amperage, RF, optical and 9+ gigabit per second ethernet connectivity technology at the show, along with more bespoke subsea solutions.

Stand K450

CLARITY is Cathx Ocean’s software solution that combines sensor data, machine vision and machine learning based automation to deliver information real-time to facilitate earlier decision making.

Stand C401

Come to our booth and see why you don't need the budget of the US Navy and the Big Oil companies to use the latest sonar technologies available for ROVs, AUVs, and USVs.

Stand Q401

At Coda Octopus, we pride ourselves on being a global leader in underwater technologies including holding a number of significant patents including our patent for our real-time 3D sonar, the Echoscope®. Our team of experts design innovative solutions for a wide variety of tasks including subsea surveys, marine construction, ROV operations, port security and diver management. Our expertise in supplying leading-edge software and hardware solutions within our 3D, Geophysical, and Motion range of products, provides us with the means to continuously shape the future of subsea operations.

Stand K700

Deepinfar Ocean Technology Inc. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of a full range of underwater robots and related underwater core components. The company provides related technical solutions and products for small underwater vehicles such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Autonomous Underwater Gliders (AUGs) and Remoted Operated Vehicle (ROVs). Deepinfar Ocean Technology Inc. was established in January 2013 in Binhai New District, Tianjin. The company has more than 350 employees, including a research and development team.

Stand K400

Our members offer a complete range of Oceanographic solutions. Hydrography and Geophysical Services, CPT equipment, Marine geotechnical site investigation and advice, Sea Data and Information, hydrographic and environmental systems, Shipbuilding Ship repair Maintenance, Oceanographic Instruments Monitoring Solutions and Services, Level, Tide and Wave Monitoring, Hydrographic courses and Telemetry solutions.

Stand E100/E200

Exail is a leading high-tech industrial company specializing in cutting-edge maritime sensors and autonomous platforms. The company's expertise includes surface and subsea inertial navigation systems, subsea positioning, and subsea imagery solutions, as well as surface and subsea maritime drones and robots (USVs, AUVs and ROVs). With a strong entrepreneurial culture, Exail’s innovative systems and solutions deliver unrivaled performance, reliability and safety to clients operating in the severe maritime environments of offshore energies and ocean sciences.

Stand A203

Fizoptika Malta is a manufacturer of the smallest fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and FOG-based inertial measurement units (IMUs) with 30+ years of industrial experience. Our sensors provide critical data for guidance, control and inertial navigation systems used in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), robotics and drones. Fizoptika Malta inertial products feature low noise performance, extremely low power consumption, instant start-up, ultra-small size, and very low weight.

Stand C541

FORCE Technology Norway is a leading technological consultancy company, built on years of experience with innovative development and problem solving. We specialise in understanding how materials and structures work and respond under any given circumstance, onshore, offshore and subsea. Globally, we represent approximately 1 500 employees, serving customers in more than 60 countries. In Norway, we specialise within: Corrosion & materials Asset integrity management Inspection & testing Structural analysis & engineering Structural health monitoring Training & certification of personnel.

Stand A111

Stop by and see the latest upgrade for our 8060 PCO2 Sea Surface CO2 monitoring system. We also are showing our new GOil Fish. Oils spill dispersants application effectiveness monitor.

Stand S495

The Matrix™ product line have set the standard for subsea survey multiplexer systems. In December we launched the Micro Matrix™ our smallest Multiplexer so far, ideal for smaller ROV´s.

Stand D301

L3Harris Technologies is the Trusted Disruptor for the global aerospace and defence industry. With customers’ mission-critical needs always in mind, our more than 50,000 employees deliver end-to-end technology solutions connecting the space, air, land, sea and cyber domains.

Stand D201

MacArtney: Your local partner with global support in underwater tech solutions for offshore, renewables, science, and defence. We connect oceans of knowledge. Visit us at stand D 201.

Stand A350

A leading company in underwater transducer technology, Neptune Sonar offers one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive range of Undersea Defence and Commercial transducers.

Stand P501

If you're interested in gaining valuable insights and intelligence for your operations, consider harnessing the power of Earth Observation data from satellites, provided by NextOcean.

Stand A205

Oriental Ocean Tech aims to support offshore companies explore ocean sources by providing reliable and environmentally friendly deepwater buoy and pressure resistance AUV bodies. We have different buoys like ROV buoys, cable floats, and customized buoys for offshore wind farms. Our buoys have characters of low density and high strength. The max depth could reach 11,000 meters underwater.

Stand D30

Visit our stand to see a wide range of subsea enclosures and related accessories. Speak to experts on the stand for information and ideas about how to take your electronic equipment subsea!

Stand M151

Dive into QYSEA's booth to discover its innovative compact ROVs & wide range of professional add-ons. Experience the FIFISH ROVs in action, showcased in a large water tank.

Stand E10/K720

Visit our stand to experience the revolutionary Voxometer®. The only MA3® Multi-Aspect Hydrospatial Survey System, set to disrupt the hydrographic survey industry.

Stand E401/E400

We offer an alternative to traditional acoustic surveillance for ultra-quiet submarine vehicles' detection, through the measurement & processing of small-scale ocean turbulence (wake signature / ASW).

Stand P152

Visit our stand to discover how our water quality sondes, telemetry systems and data buoys from Eureka, Proteus Instruments, Wildeye and NexSens can help with your marine and coastal monitoring needs.

Stand Q160

Come and check out our industry leading software for UXO Detection and Classification, and become acquainted with our state-of-the-art, advanced and integrated 3D ground modelling services.

Stand A100

Sidus Solutions is a leading provider of state-of-the-art video cameras, electric positioning systems, lasers and illumination technology for marine, defence, offshore and subsea applications.

Stand E410/E400

Engage with experts, discover advanced imaging solutions, and be among the first to experience the ground breaking SubC Rayfin Single Channel Inspection System.

Stand F100

Teledyne Marine is a world class Marine Systems business that is part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated. Teledyne Marine has become the market leader in Imaging, Instruments, Interconnect, Seismic, and Vehicle technologies by providing innovative and highly reliable total solutions to our customers. Teledyne Marine is committed to providing premium products backed by a dedicated service and support team.

Stand N556

Automated inspection and assessments in rough waters - Tethys Robotics takes the inspection to a new level where it can be performed reliably, safely, efficiently, anywhere, and anytime.

Stand G20

We develop and sell magnetically coupled sealing underwater thrusters, underwater DC brushless motor, rotary actuator, electric outboard, AUV power section etc. Our mission is to use the spirit of perfectionist craftsmanship to create first-class underwater equipment supporting products with user experience and to provide the best solution for the underwater equipment industry.

Stand P655

Visit our stand and take a look on our Cutting Edge ASV: unmatched manoeuvrability, flexible payload options. Experience the future!

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