10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

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Oceanology International

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Where Missions Are Made Possible 

Here at Oceanology International , we want to make sure we are talking about the topics affecting the industry now and into the future. We tackle the subjects that matter; the Blue Economy, Energy Transition, Sustainability. But we also look at topics that are often controversial -  Ocean Mining, Oil & Gas, all with a view to broaden minds and horizons. Our ambition is to take a deep look into case studies to understand how we can make positive strides towards achieving our missions. We aim to be inspiring, innovative and a beacon of fresh ideas — and we want you to join the conversation.

Show features

Our features are carefully curated to showcase informative and inspiring content across all its forms. We also present awards to highlight the exemplary work of organisations from within the industry.


The Oi show floor is where the globe focuses its attention on the latest solutions & innovations. With a typical event hosting 450+ exhibitors from 80 countries, attendees are sure to experience the latest in pioneering technology from major brands, &, niche suppliers. The whole supply chain is represented at Oi meaning that attendees have a one-stop shop to discover & learn in a super-efficient way. 

Catch The Next Wave

Returning in 2024 for its 6th Edition, Catch the Next Wave pairs speakers from within and outside of the ocean community, with the aim of sparking new thinking and ideas across disciplinary boundaries and between sectors. It will take a futuristic look at how key areas of rapidly evolving technology might contribute to innovative solutions at the ocean-climate nexus. 

B2Match – Brokered Meetings with Innovate UK Edge

At the heart of Oi is the networking. We offer both informal and structured networking, and the free brokered meetings we organise with UKRI Edge is just one way of bringing you closer to securing solutions for your missions. Meetings are free and will happen on the show floor and online for those who can’t make the event. 

Dockside Demonstrations

What truly sets Oi apart is its dockside demonstrations. These live, in-water demonstrations give attendees a first-hand look at the latest technology in action. With viewing platforms and micro-theaters, you can get up close and personal with the equipment and talk to the experts who operate it.

A World Class Content Programme

Ocean Futures – 3 Day Programme

Taking a prominent position on the exhibition floor thought leaders from industry, academia and government come together to discuss meeting future ocean technology needs in line with market developments and new ocean enterprise strategies.

Ocean ICT

Ocean ICT, powered by ON&T, will help connect AI, Communications, Satellite, IT and IOT solutions providers with key ocean- and water-based end user sectors from around the world.

Technical Sessions - 3 Day Programme

Detail orientated but embedded in real world situations the Technical Sessions are delivered by, and for industry. The technical content deep dives into areas including Hydrography, Ocean Observation, Site Investigation and Uncrewed Vehicles. 

Exclusive Launches only at Oi

Oceanology International is targeted by industry heavy weights to launch their latest products and services. In 2022 the show played host to over 80 launches. In 2024 we expect this number to rise as the demand for new solutions in the blue tech and energy transition markets explode. Be sure to check back for news as we get it.

International Pavilions

Oi, the leading forum for connecting with the world's marine science and ocean technology communities, attracts a truly global audience. With international pavilions representing countries like Canada, France, Netherlands, Norway, and the United States, the event provides a unique opportunity to connect with overseas technology suppliers, partners and buyers, to stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.

Student Opportunities

Oi is the perfect opportunity for students to meet the community first hand. 

Recruitment, training, education, networking and, special sessions for Careers and Women In industry are all on the agenda. PLUS, special rates for Catch The Next Wave are available.

Associated Events

Throughout the 3 days of Oi we host many association, group, industry and governmental events. Some are private, others are open to all. Check back to see the timetable.


Future Tech Hub

Discover the evolution of Ocean Technology at the Future Tech Hub where you'll connect with the next generation of ocean technology pioneers, start-ups tech accelerators.

Engage with these visionary businesses & explore their transformative solutions that will empower your missions for the next decade and beyond.

Get Social with OceanSocial and Stand Activities

Oceanology International attendees can attend a range of events hosted by our exhibitors during the show. Some events are free and for others, you may need to register in advance for. Our own OceanSocial Bar and Catering area is open every day to encourage networking and serve as a meeting point through the week.

EOOS Technology Forum 2024

Wednesday the 13th March

The 2024 EOOS Technology Forum will bring together technology developers, manufacturers & users to exchange knowledge on platforms & sensors of all types, costs & levels of technical sophistication with the goal to enhance accessibility of ocean observations.

You have to register for Oi, before you can register for this event.

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