10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

Event Content and Activity

Ocean Futures Theatre

  • Opening Keynote & Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration
  • Offshore Renewables
  • Women in Industry
  • Ocean Enterprise / Industry Dialogues
  • Seabed 2030 - Mapping for People & Planet
  • Ocean Innovation, Blue Finance & Investment
  • Careers Panel

Associated Events

  • Ocean Enterprise Initiative Dialogues
  • Hydrographic Society
  • UXO in the marine environment
  • EOOS Technology Forum 2024


Dockside Demonstrations

  • Teledyne Marine
  • Saffen Survey
  • Maritime Robotics
  • Blueye Robotics
  • Evologics
  • Seafloor Systems

  • Ocean Power Technology
  • CHC
  • BeeX Autonomous Systems
  • Jaia Robotics


Uncrewed Vehicles & Vessels

Innovative developments and applications in marine autonomous systems, including Robotics, AUVs, ROVs and ASVs.

Ocean Observation & Measurement

Developments in the means to observe and measure the physical, chemical, biological and biogeochemical characteristics of the ocean.

Navigation & Positioning

Techniques and technologies for navigation and positioning on and below the sea surface.


Site Investigation

Latest developments in the means to collect hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical data.


Data Interpretation, AI & Ocean ICT

Advances in the fields of ocean data ocean data communications, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence and their application to aid the interpretation, visualisation and use of ocean data.

Bathymetry Survey

Technologies and techniques that contribute to monitoring and responding to the impacts of climate change on the ocean, or which support climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Catch the Next Wave

A premium conference that focuses on Innovation At The Ocean-Climate Nexus.
Thursday 14th only; Badges £295+VAT

Asset Imaging, Integrity Monitoring and Metrology

Latest developments for monitoring the integrity of offshore infrastructure such as oil and gas production facilities and offshore renewable energy installations.

Offshore Renewable Energy

Application of ocean technology in support of the exploitation of ocean energy resources and enabling the energy transition.