10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

Dockside Activity

Kommandoren is a more than 130 years old trading vessel fitted with sails. A regular visitor to Oi attendees can board the ship, take a tour and meet the Hays Shipping team.

With its neat weight of only 9kg, the Blueye X3 ROV is a handy but powerful vehicle for underwater operations. It can dive down to 300 m and has proven use - cases within a wide range of different industries. The unit has 4 times 350W thrusters that power the vehicle up to 3 knots underwater. It has up to 5 hours range and is fitted with three guest ports supporting eight different communication protocols. The ROV’s abilities can hence be extended with a wide range of external equipment including sensors, extra camera and light, manipulators, grippers, DVLs, altimeters, and sonars.

Our dockside demo will demonstrate the different capabilities of the new X3 unit. As an attendee, you'll be able to test the vehicle yourself and feel in real life how easy it is to use and why no prior ROV experience is needed to succeed.

The new Voxometer® MA3 multi-aspect hydrospatial survey system will be demonstrated in the water to the public, for the first time at OI.

The Voxometer® is an all-in-one survey system powered by 8 patented technologies. All the sensors and software required to perform a survey are embedded and native to the design, this ensures easy and quick installation and mobilization. Multiple types of quality and reliable data can be acquired simultaneously – and at high speed – thanks to the unique MA3® multi-aspect principle that measures voxels from multiple angles at different times, resulting in near end quality data right off the vessel.

Designed to save time and money and provide an intelligent and intuitive survey experience. The Voxometer® delivers unsurpassed results, even in the hands of a less skilled and experienced operator.

Teledyne Marine is partnering up with GeoSight to provide on-water demonstrations of the SeaBat T51-R multibeam echosounder on survey vessel Brunel. The Brunel is a purpose-built platform for the acquisition of detailed hydrographic and geophysical data. The survey vessel Brunel is equipped with a SeaBat T51-R, Teledyne Odom E20 singlebeam echosounder, Teledyne RDI Workhorse ADCP, and GNSS INS for permanent mobilization.

Onboard, you will witness the superior data quality from the SeaBat T51 operating at 800 kHz with the smallest receiver beamwidth and full swath coverage. Be the first to see our revolutionary new feature in action; Vertical Detection Mode, which produces the best possible data along quay walls in multi-path rich environments. Additionally, we will showcase automated features that enable the multibeam to operate independently.

Check out time slots or come find us at booth F100, or at the dock side.

Thame will be dockside at Oi. Piloted by the Port Of London Authority, Thame is a regular Visitor to Oi. Equipped with state of the art technology, Thame can be boarded and The PLA team will be on hand to answers questions and show their capabilities.

Kongsberg Discovery with the vessel “Xplorer” will provide demonstrations of the new EM 2042 Multibeam

System and the Seapath 385 Heading, Attitude and Positioning System

The Kongsberg Discovery EM 2042 Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES) is special in many ways:

  • Option to have the RX with an embedded motion sensor from the same manufacturer as the MBES
  • Only shallow water MBES system manufacture that has three transmitting sectors within the same housing, enabling true multi transmit and real-time stabilization of roll, pitch and yaw as standard
  • First shallow water MBES system that has Dual Swath (2048 soundings per ping) as standard for a Single

RX system

  • Only MBES system manufacture that only needs one TX for a Dual RX system, enabling a wider swath and high resolution in the entire swath
  • The EM 2042 Dual RX, Dual Swath System is the only MBES in the market that can generate 4096 soundings per ping
  • The EM 2042 Single RX system is ready for QuadSwathTM, a licensed feature that enables 4 swaths per ping => 4096 soundings
  • Having a complete EM 2042 w/embedded miniMRU combined with a Seapath GNSS system, the miniMRU is calibration free and the new feature PredictivePitchTM will be available.

Discover cutting-edge marine technology at Oceanology International!

Join us on the water as we demonstrate the NORBIT WINGHEAD series of multibeam systems.

Together with the Port of London Authority, we will be aboard S/V THAME showcasing the motion stabilised WINGHEAD i80S – an ultra high-resolution bathymetric multibeam system.

Don't miss this exclusive showcase of innovation in marine solutions. Explore more!


The APACHE 4 is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) that supports a wide variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) systems available on the market. It offers an unmanned operation solution with a shallow draft, high navigational accuracy and stable hovering for hydrologists when measuring waterflow velocity and discharge of a current section. Very compact, it enables easy handling at the mission site, facilitates safe launching and convenient transportation by car.

HQ-400 is a portable multibeam system which integrated sonar, temperature sensor, attitude, positioning, compass and other core sensors, it is designed without installation and calibration. It has compact appearance design and easy to carry. It is used for river and lake terrain, river cross-section, reservoir capacity, channel scanning and other underwater terrain measurement.

River Star series ADCP adopts five-beam design with two models RS-1200/RS-600, which are equipped with a centralized vertical beam of 300kHz as standard. Relying on the new hardware and structure design and reliable data accuracy, River Star ADCPs significantly improve the efficiency and making the work more efficient!

The JaiaBot-HYDRO pod is an autonomous, micro-sized multi-vehicle system that rapidly collects synoptic data in coastal, surf zone, estuaries, rivers and lakes. It reports data collected on surface and underwater. Data collected includes conductivity, temperature, depth, bathymetry, bottom type, current vectors, wave height and period. Jaiabot’s modular, open-source design enables user customization. Capabilities of the newest product, Jaiabot-HYDRO for acoustic monitoring will also be described.

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