10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

Ocean ICT at Oceanology International set to grow

The amount of data being acquired from within the ocean space is leading to a growth in interoperable systems for ocean data acquisition, transfer, storage and analysis.

The Global ocean technology sector has advanced exponentially over the last decade, due to advances in technology, the need for more detailed data, the associated analysis of the data, and the advancement of the AUV and ROV sector. ROV and AUV platforms are loaded with sensors and instrumentation that are designed for specific jobs, weather its monitoring, surveying or as part of ocean defence systems. Further examples include: robotics, sensors, ocean modelling and forecasting, hydrographic services and digital chart production, vessel and platform engineering, navigation systems, marine ICT and simulation technologies. Ocean ICT is part of the ocean economy and serves various ocean industries including, Marine transportation; Defence and security; Coastal and ocean management; Fisheries and aquaculture; Offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production; Seabed mining & Ocean renewable energy.

The Ocean ICT zone sits within Oceanology International and is built to meet the growing demand and interest in the cutting-edge of marine, ocean IT, communications, satellite and data solutions. This year Ocean ICT will feature 30 companies that serve this sector. 

Oi22 is set to bring together 8000 attendees within the Marine ScienceOffshore Oil & GasMarine RenewablesAquaculture & more looking for the latest solutions within automation, connectivity, data and communications.


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