10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

Fiberpro Launches Fiber Optic Based Single Axis Gyroscope, Fg150

Examples of Platform stabilization gyroscope


Platform stabilization gyroscope, as a part of ISP(Inertially Stabilized Platform) which stabilizes specific attitude of a moving system, is often used for controlling broad array of sensors, cameras, telescopes, and weapons systems, such as gun turret, gimbal, antenna, etc.


Stabilization gyroscope normally requires 0.5-500 °/hr of accuracy for its applications as shown in Fig2 below.

(Source: Guillaume Girardin, High-end Inertial Sensors for Defense, Aerospace, and Industrial Applications, Sample report, p21, Yole Development (Nov. 2017))

Other than the accuracy, it is also required low noise, wide bandwidth, data sampling rate of over hundreds of Hz speed, and short turn-on time(less than few sec.), etc. for the stabilization gyroscope.

At this point of view, Fiber Optic Gyroscope works perfectly for such applications. Unlikeconventionally mechanical type gyroscopes such as DTG(Dynamically Tuned Gyroscope), it gives users superior benefits of longer lifespan with higher durability, wider measurement range, scalability of performance/accuracy with easier production structure, etc..


Fig2. Required gyroscope performance by application

Fig3. FIBERPRO Fiber Optic based Single Axis Gyroscope

A South Korea based Fiber optic sensing solution expert, FIBERPRO, INC. recently announced that it has released a light and small form factor Fiber Optic based Single axis gyroscope, FG150. It boasts its great performance and characteristics with up to 1000 °/sec of measurement range, <0.2°/hr of Bias Stability @ RT (< 1°/hr (-40°C to +70°C)), <0.03 % (-40°C-+70°C)(<300 PPM) of Scale factor accuracy , <0.007 °/sec (@400 Hz) of noise(ARW), and 4W of low power consumption , etc., which indicates 4 times better in measurement bandwidth , 3 times better in noise, 2 times better in data rate, and 20 times better in turn-on time, and 3 time better in power consumption over a typical competing DTG product. FG150 is a perfect solution responding to SWaP-C(Size, Weight , Power and Cost ) which are ones of the most important criteria for the current trend of not only the defense industries but the commercial industries as well these days.

Contact FIBERPRO team for more detail information of FG150 and other fiber optic based inertial solutions, such as IMUs.

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