10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

Message from Sir David King: Embracing the Future in Catch the Next Wave

Professor Sir David King, renowned for his expertise in climate science, will deliver a gripping opening keynote at Oi's CTNW conference, urging ocean professionals to rise to the challenge. 

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Key Message: Climate Risk and Urgent Innovation 

Sir David underscored the chilling reality and monumental size of climate threats. Recent data reveals Greenland's horrifying ice melt of 30 million tonnes per hour, fuelling our terrifying sea level rise. Understanding these existential challenges and embracing solutions is imperative.

Global Challenges: The Melting Ice and Ocean Health 

A dual threat emerges from melting ice on land and declining ocean living biomass. The loss of baleen whales has disrupted the balance, affecting fish and crustacean populations. Sir David stressed the need for a holistic approach to sustain oceans in the face of these challenges.

The Big Question: What's Next?

Asking the critical question, Sir David highlighted the need for proactive measures. Rapid emissions reduction is crucial, but he introduced the four 'Rs': Reduce emissions, remove greenhouse gases at scale (leveraging the vastness of the oceans), Repair climate system components (e.g., preserving Arctic ice), and Build resilience globally to adapt to inevitable changes.

Outcomes Desired: Comprehensive Climate Strategy

Drawing parallels to James Hansen's 1989 call to action, Sir David emphasized the need for swift and comprehensive strategies. The Climate Crisis Advisory Group focuses on the four 'Rs' to address climate challenges, with a spotlight on ocean-based solutions.

Call to Action: Navigating a New Climate Reality

Sir David's powerful insights underscore the need for collective action. It's not just about reducing emissions; it's about innovation, restoration, and building resilience. The oceans, comprising 72% of Earth's surface, offer a vast canvas for transformative solutions.

Let's embark on this journey together, navigating the waves of change and securing a sustainable future for our planet. 

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