12–14 March 2024
London, Excel

CHC Navigation

Stand No. N301

Are you launching or exhibiting a NEW product or service at Oceanology International 2022? Tell us More!

Yes, the APACHE 4 is an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) that supports a wide variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) systems available on the market. The APACHE 4 USV brings together the best of high-accuracy positioning and automated navigation control technology, built around the operator's habits when conducting ADCP hydrographic cross-section flow measurements. The measurement can be taken close to the shore as the Apache 4 has a draft of only 10 cm. The built-in adaptive water flow and hovering navigation technology significantly improve flow estimation accuracy. Even when GNSS positioning might be degraded by obstructed environments, the internal GNSS+IMU module continues to provide reliable position and heading for the ADCP and autopilot controller.

Why is this exhibit so special? What makes it newsworthy?

APACHE 4 provides a reliable solution that eliminates the construction and maintenance costs associated with traditional ADCP's ropeway towing systems, overcomes irregular navigational conditions that lead to poor data results, compensates for the resulting loss of ADCP measurement data and maintains heading accuracy in challenging environments. APACHE 4 solves these challenges and allows for high accuracy hydrological and hydrographic surveys.

What else will you particularly be featuring on your stand at the show?

1. USV Solution for flow measurement projects in water channel, inland river or streams, especially in shallow water applications.
2. High integrated and autonomous USV solution for streamflow measurement to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
3. River section flow velocity measurement and flood emergency monitoring.

What else newsworthy can you tell us about your exhibits and your company?

The Following Products: 

Apache4 USV; Apache6 USV; i83 GNSS receiver; D390 echo sounder; P2 GNSS Sensor

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