10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

ANB Sensors

Stand No. M504

Are you launching or exhibiting a NEW product or service at Oceanology International 2022? Tell us More!

Yes, ANB Sensors will be launching their OC pH sensor range. This new, smaller, easier to integrate and smarter pH sensor will supersede the S Series sensor and open new opportunities for oceanographers, environmentalists, researchers and industries to measure pH. The titanium bodied OC sensor range will initially come in two depth options - the OC300 – 300m rated and the OC1250 - 1250m rated, enabling its integration into shallow and mid depth rated vehicles and deployments. Look out for deeper versions later this year.

Why is this exhibit so special? What makes it newsworthy?

This is the world’s first calibration-free pH sensor for ocean monitoring. The sensor will open the monitoring of this key ocean variable, as, unlike its competitors it is easy to use, simple to integrate, robust and economically priced. The sensor has onboard calibrations and operates from riverine to ocean environments without need for external salinity or temperature measurements. The sensor is packaged so it is suitable for integration into vehicles, multi parameter sondes or a simple stand-alone plug and play battery operated sensor tied to a rosette or buoy

Who is this featured exhibit of use to?

The sensor will be of use to oceanographers, environmentalists, sonde manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and sensor integrators.

What else will you particularly be featuring on your stand at the show?

We will be featuring a demonstration of the sensor in a water tank with the sensor providing a real time data feed. The sensor will also be showcased in its presentation pack.

What else newsworthy can you tell us about your exhibits and your company?

The OC sensor is the natural follow-on of our S Series sensor. In May we will be launching our aquaculture (AQ) sensor range, suitable for RAS and open aquaculture pH monitoring. This will lead on to the commercialisation of our technology for freshwater river and estuarine monitoring.

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