10-12 March 2026
London, Excel

Subsea Tech

Stand No. K200

Are you launching or exhibiting a NEW product or service at Oceanology International 2022? Tell us More!

Yes, Subsea Tech is one of the partner companies in the European project SleekShip : an innovative solution for the inspection and cleaning of biofouling on ships.

Why is this exhibit so special? What makes it newsworthy?

There is currently no effective way of assessing accurately the fouling level while the ship is in the water, and dry-docking results a costly downtime for the operators. Furthermore, if a vessel is not regularly taken out of the water for inspection, the likelihood of biofouling development increases, requiring more aggressive cleaning methods that can damage the hull coating. The solution developed under Sleekship will quantify the state of biofouling development while targeting the areas to be cleaned by combining a semi-autonomous underwater robot, a new cavitation cleaning tool, and a hyperspectral imaging system.

Who is this featured exhibit of use to?

The SleekShip solution is expected to generate savings of more than €3 billion over five years after launch in the global shipping industry by reducing ship drag, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and preventing the transport of invasive species in harbour.

What else will you particularly be featuring on your stand at the show?

As for this project, Subsea Tech has specially developed a semi-autonomous underwater vehicle (SAUV): the Mini TORTUGA which will be presented on our stand.

What else newsworthy can you tell us about your exhibits and your company?

Our Tortuga ROV will also be presented on our stand.

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