12–14 March 2024
London, Excel

PYTHEAS Technology

Stand No. L300

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With more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of transducers and antennas for underwater acoustics, PYTHEAS Technology has unique experience ranging from low-frequency projectors to HF sonar arrays, including wideband hydrophones and transducers for acoustic communication. All the references of our new product range are gathered in our catalogue. We implement and mobilize all our experience to support our partners in the development and fine-tuning of their complete underwater acoustic system and throughout its life cycle. From writing the specification to system development, characterization and serial production, our team supports you throughout the life of your product.

Why is this exhibit so special? What makes it newsworthy?

PYTHEAS Technology has worked in the Ocean for several years, by developing some power generation projects using marine currents and designing and manufacturing some underwater acoustics systems. Armed with this experience and expertise, PYTHEAS Technology will participate in Oceanology International for the first time. This will be the occasion to introduce our new catalogue and to meet different actors of the market.

Who is this featured exhibit of use to?

By participating in this exhibit, PYTHEAS Technology hopes to meet some future partners and customers. Meeting them and collecting their feedback will help us in the development of our product range.

What else will you particularly be featuring on your stand at the show?

Our catalogue, technical data sheets and illustrations of our different projects will be available on our stand.

What else newsworthy can you tell us about your exhibits and your company?

PYTHEAS Technology mainly participates in Oceanology International to introduce its underwater acoustics’ activity but the company has many other skills such as vibration damping and monitoring, energy harvesting, biomedical ultrasounds…

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