12–14 March 2024
London, Excel


Stand No. E251

Why is this exhibit so special? What makes it newsworthy?

High-end satellite data analytics can reduce risks, save time and money throughout planning and operation processes. EOMAP is technology leader in satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB). Successful use cases from all over the world showcase how EOMAP turns satellite data into customer value. Highlights are SDB for the entire Great Barrier Reef, for GEBCO or UNESCO, but also water quality applications for environmental assessment. Since 2006, EOMAP has been at the forefront of research and involved in many ESA or EU projects. The German based company strives to advancing remote sensing. Its motto for Oceanology '22 is: "Better data for better decisions."

Who is this featured exhibit of use to?

Coastal and/or environmental engineers, hydrographic agencies, offshore industries, NGOs and governmental authorities.

What else will you particularly be featuring on your stand at the show?

Satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB), Satellite Lidar Bathymetry (SLB), Shoals Database, Digital Elevation Models, Software tools - Apps and APIs for easy access to multi-source data (including Satellite analytics), Water Quality Monitoring, Shoreline Mapping, Seafloor Characterisation, On- and Offline software for mapping and monitoring aquatic environments.

What else newsworthy can you tell us about your exhibits and your company?

At the beginning of 2022, we have been awarded a new framework contract by the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) - We will be delivering high-resolution satellite-derived bathymetry throughout the next three to five years. https://www.eomap.com/ukho-awarded-new-contract-for-satellite-derived-bathymetry-to-eomap/
As per October 2021, we have partnered with Seabed2030 - to support the "free map of the ocean" by SDB data for shallow water areas across the globe.

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