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  • Oceanology International celebrates 50 years and you are invited!

    For 50 years, the ocean technology and marine science community has been meeting at Oceanology International.
    From the moment it launched in 1969, the show attracted industry leaders and turned into the main string connecting people and their ideas that (literally) move oceans to this day.

    And a lot has happened…

  • Oi became the heart of the industry.
    That is why next year, in our 50th anniversary, we want to celebrate who keeps it beating: YOU.

    To do so, Oi is making space to your story.

    Whether you presented a project, exhibited, demonstrated a tech solution or simply visited the show in the past, be it 1969 or 2016, you have built Oi’s history and the community wants to know how.

    • Do you have a good story to tell when visiting Oi?
    • Interesting exhibiting experiences?
    • Has the show been witness to the development of your technology?
    • Have you learnt something that changed your perspectives on the industry?
    • Any great pictures or videos?

    You have two ways to join the celebration:

  • My Oi Story

    For this Oi special edition, we will be telling our story through your experience, and that way bringing the energy we experience at the show to all our digital channels. So share your story with the community and keep an eye out on our social media. 

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    50th Anniversary Exclusive Magazine

    To help celebrate we are pleased to announce an Exclusive Partnership with the publishers of Marine technology Reporter to produce a commemorative publication, charting the history of Oi from the beginning, whilst also glimpsing into what's in store for the future.

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