Oi Postponement Exhibitor FAQS

  • Oi Postponement Exhibitor FAQS

    Why have you decided to postpone Oceanology International 2020?
    • The decision to postpone Oceanology International until 15-17 March, 2022 follows the latest announcement by the UK Government that conferences and exhibitions would not be able reopen on 1 October as originally planned.
    • In addition, the fluidity of changes affecting our international visitors needing to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the UK, has created a great deal of uncertainty over the viability for people to actually attend (both exhibitor and visitor).

    We apologise for any inconvenience that this postponement may cause. However, we will still be offering the opportunity for the Oi community to come together via the Oi Connect virtual meetings platform from the 1-3 December 2022.

    What is Oi Connect and how does it work?
    • Oi Connect is a new, online meeting place we have developed to facilitate high quality connection and collaboration between the global ocean technology community. Now that travelling to do international business at trade shows has been made so difficult, Oi Connect will allow exhibitors to target visitors who were planning to attend the event to source, research and connect with exhibitors.
    • Exhibitors and visitors will be able to make and meet connections, host e-meet video meetings, build long standing partnerships, showcase innovative technology and create new business opportunities.
    • Our exhibition team will be in contact to discuss the platform in more detail and discuss the different ways you can utilise Oi Connect to help achieve your business objectives.
    When will Oi Connect take place?
    When will Oceanology International next take place as a physical exhibition?
    • 15-17 March 2022, ExCel, London
    As an exhibitor, what are my options now?

    We can offer you the following options:

    Option 1. – Oi Connect 2020 and Oi2022

    • The opportunity to commit to an Oi Connect virtual package with the balance of Oi2020 financial commitment, being rolled over to Oi2022.
    • This is the most straight forward option and allows us to still deliver a level of ROI in 2020, whilst also retaining both your 2020 pricing and, subject to Covid-19 Health & Safety measures, your existing stand location, as we have secured the same halls for Oi2022.

    Option 2. – Oi2022 only

    • This involves your contract to exhibit and 100% of the charges paid for the 2020 event, including exhibitor indemnity, being rolled over for the 2022 event in accordance with Regulation 39.3. This will include, where applicable, all charges for space, shell scheme, SmartSpace, sponsorship & advertising.
    • This option will allow exhibitors to retain both your 2020 pricing and, subject to Covid-19 Health & Safety measures, we will aim to provide you with the existing stand location, as we have secured the same hall for the 2022 event.

    Option 3. – Partial Refund

    • This is a one off option, which will allow you to cancel your 2020 contract and receive a partial refund of the charges paid. The refund will include, where applicable, all charges paid for space, shell scheme, sponsorship & advertising but will not include charges paid for the Exhibitor Indemnity; minus an element of the event expenses already incurred by Reed Exhibitions prior to the postponement of Oceanology International.

    • As you are aware, Regulation 39.2 of your contract states that:

      39.2 Termination of Contract and/or Event: If the Organiser terminates this Contract and/or the Event (or any part thereof) as a result of Force Majeure, the Organiser may retain such part of the Service Charge and VAS Charges as shall be required to recompense it for expenses incurred up to the time such contingency shall have occurred and there shall be no further liability on the part of either party. The Organiser shall not be liable for any costs, damages, fees or expenses of the Exhibitor as a result of such termination.

      The refund has been calculated as:

      • Refund: 87% of your 2020 contract value (excluding the monies paid for the Exhibitor Indemnity -£135), less any debt outstanding.
    What is the deadline on deciding on my option?
    • You will need to make a final decision on either option 1, 2 or 3 by Friday 30th October 2020
    • Please notify your Sales representative via email of your decision
    • If we do not hear from you by this date, we will assume you wish to opt for Option 1 (Roll over).
    Do we have any further claims against Reed Exhibitions due to the postponement of Oceanology International, e.g. cancellation costs for hotel, stand builders, flights, freight, venue services etc.?
    • Reed Exhibitions will not be liable for any loss or costs incurred by exhibitors for hotels flights etc. as a result of the postponement. Please speak to your suppliers directly and check your travel insurance policy.
    • Please note that the Exhibitor Indemnity that you may have purchased does not include cover for communicable diseases.
    • We strongly recommend that you contact any of your additional suppliers to clarify their refund policy.
    Is this a Force Majeure?
    • Yes. The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, outside our control and interferes with our obligation & performance to hold Oceanology International 2020 as planned.
    Reference for Exhibitors selecting Option 1 or 2 above;
    What happens with my participation costs or payments already made to Reed Exhibitions if I want to exhibit in the 2022 event?
    • All your Service Charges and VAS Charges paid to Reed Exhibitions in relation to the 2020 event will be applied to the 2022 event (including all charges for space, shell scheme, sponsorship & advertising, but excluding exhibitor indemnity).
    • Any remaining payments for the 2020 event will still need to be settled within the terms of your existing contract.
    Will I have the same location in the same hall in 2022?
    • Under Options 1 & 2 and subject to Covid-19 Health & Safety measures, we will aim to have you in the same location or locality as you were for the 2020 event.
    • For clarity, any change to the floorplan will be in relation to Covid-19 Health & Safety measures to protect the wellbeing of our attendees. We will do our upmost to limit changes and communicate all changes in full with the customers beforehand.
    Will I receive a new contract to exhibit for Oi Connect and the 2022 event?
    • Yes, upon our receipt of written confirmation of your preferred option, new paperwork will be sent to sign a new contract in respect of Oi Connect, and Oi 2022.
    What if I opt to roll 100% over but want to increase my stand size?
    • This is possible, subject to Covid-19 Health and Safety measures and pending space availability. Please let us know your requirement and we will endeavour to meet your request after we have processed all 2020 roll overs.
    What if I opt to roll 100% over, but want to decrease my stand size? Can I have a partial refund?
    • If you select Option 1 or 2, you will need to roll over all of your 2020 contract value and monies paid. We may, subject to Covid-19 Health and Safety measures and pending space availability, be able to reduce the size of your stand and reallocate funds elsewhere – e.g. Sponsorship. Transferring stand money to other revenue items will need to be agreed on a case by case basis and will need to be approved by the Event Director.
    If I opt to roll 100% over to 2022 and have made full payment, can I have 50% payment refund and make payment for the balance based on your 2022 addendum?
    • No. If you opt to roll your 2020 payment over to the 2022 event, we will not process any refund.
    What happens to my sponsorship?
    • Your sponsorship contract is still valid and will roll over to the 2022 event dates
    What if I want to roll over monies for my stand, but cancel my sponsorship?
    • If you select Option 1 or 2, you will need to roll over all 2020 fees to the 2022 event including your sponsorship.
    Reference for Exhibitors selecting Option 3 above;
    What do I need to do to cancel my stand?
    • We will require notification of your cancellation in writing via email to your sales contact by no later than Friday, 30 October 2020.
    • If we do not hear from you by this date, we will assume you wish to opt for Option 1 (Roll over).

    We want to ensure that you receive the correct refund. In order to do so, there are a couple of systems processes that we need to explain:

    • Following your cancellation request, you will receive automatically generated documents from our accounts system.
    • These will include credit notes and a cancellation invoice.
    • Please ignore these documents – they are automated documents relating to an internal accounting process that ensures the correct refund amount.
    • Once these automatic documents have been generated, you will receive via email a refund form from us that will include the amount due back to you and a request for your bank details which we do not hold on file for security reasons. Please check and complete the form and return it to us to allow for the processing of your payment. We will aim to refund your payment within 28 working days of receipt of this refund form.
    Why will I not receive a 100% refund for the 2020 event?
    • In accordance with Regulation 39.2 of your contract, we will refund any Service Charges and VAS Charges paid by you (Excluding Exhibitor Indemnity charges) after deducting an amount required to compensate us for our expenses incurred prior to the postponement.
    • It is only morally and ethically right that we pay our suppliers, where they have already delivered goods and/or services in respect of the 2020 event. We have worked hard to mitigate and reduce these costs wherever possible and have borne some of the costs ourselves to help the industry in these challenging times, to ensure we are refunding as much as possible back to the exhibitor.
    How did you determine the deduction % from our refund?
    • As with all events of this kind substantial supplier costs are incurred well in advance. Reed Exhibitions have sought to mitigate as many as possible, and not pass on 100% of our costs to exhibitors. These supplier costs include costs incurred and committed for venue tenancy and services, marketing and promotional services, visitor registration systems and processing etc.
    • We cannot disclose supplier’s costs due to our confidentiality obligations but we want to be fair to our suppliers and pay them for the work they have completed or goods they have delivered or prepared prior to the postponement of the event.
    • We have not deducted all our costs to date when calculating the % refund as we take the view that we are all in this together.
    Other events are refunding us 100% of our fees, why are you not?
    • The Terms & Conditions of your Oceanology International contract allow us the options of changing the event dates and rolling over the contract or of offering a refund minus costs incurred by Reed Exhibitions prior to the postponement.
    Will I receive a full refund for all my sponsorship?
    • If you opt to cancel your 2020 contract, then we will refund you 87% of your total fees including those fees paid for sponsorship.
    If I cancel now and opt for a refund, can I rebook for 2022 later on?
    • Yes. However, we cannot guarantee your existing stand location and price for Oi2022 if you decide to cancel your Oi2020 contract.
    Who do I contact for further questions?

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