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Postponement of Oceanology International for exhibitors

Why have you decided to postpone?

  • Following the escalation of COVID-19 worldwide and the importance of the health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff, we made a decision to postpone the event ahead of any restrictions from the UK and/or local London Governments in order to safeguard our participants. We apologise for the inconvenience that the postponement may cause.
  • The situation has been aggravated in recent days with increased cases of COVID-19, concerns among exhibitors and visitors and travel bans in place from many organisations.
  • Taking all these factors into consideration & the major importance of this event to the global ocean community, we feel that if we were to run the show as scheduled, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the high quality business event you have come to expect, nor deliver its true value to you and your organisation. We intend to do just that in the new dates of 1-3 December 2020.

    Have all events been postponed?
  • Yes, all component parts of the event have been postponed including the “Catch the Next Wave”, “Ocean Futures Forum” and Technical conferences, Ocean ICT zone, Dockside Demonstrations, Careers day, Spotlight theatre content and Icebreaker reception.

    Why is the postponement (only) now?
  • We have been monitoring all global COVID-19 developments including updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Public Health England (PHE), the UK Government and local London authorities. It is only in the last few days that the situation has been exacerbated by the rapid escalation of cases in Europe, including within the UK.
  • From our intensive call research, there has also been an exponential increase in travel bans from both exhibitors and visitors.
  • As organisers, we have to make a comprehensive and well-balanced decision for all of our participants; we have held these discussions intensively over the last few days to ensure we make the most appropriate decision considering all of the factors above.
  • We have been in ongoing and rigorous discussions with London ExCeL to find an alternative date within the same calendar year.
  • This an unprecedented situation and we have announced a postponement as soon as we were able to.

    Is this a Force Majeure?
  • This has not been declared a Force Majeure.

    Had you received many cancellations – did this trigger the decision to postpone?
  • As you might expect a small number of exhibitors made their own decision to cancel prior to our announcement. This was not the trigger for our decision though.

    What if the Covid-19 situation is unchanged or worse later in the year?
  • We have considered this possibility and chosen a date from those available which provides a better chance of avoiding more disruption. However, the Covid-19 situation has, and continues to be, dynamic and we will continue to monitor the situation throughout the year and take the appropriate actions accordingly.

    Elements of the ocean community may still be unable to attend the event due to travel restrictions at that time. Will you still run the event if attendance is still reduced?
  • This is a major global event and we are confident at this stage that travel confidence will have been restored by the revised show dates.

    Why have you not just cancelled the 2020 event?
  • Feedback from exhibitors and visitors is that they very much want the event to go ahead this year and, as organisers, we want to be able to deliver the expected value to those organisations.

    What happens with my participation costs or payments already made to Reed Exhibitions?
  • All your Service Charges and VAS Charges paid to Reed Exhibitions in relation to the event will be applied to the postponed event ( including all charges for space, smart space , shell scheme , furniture, smart reader and app , sponsorship & advertising)
  • Any remaining payments will still need to be settled within the terms of your existing contract.

    Do we have any further claims against Reed Exhibitions due to the postponement of the event, e.g. cancellation costs for hotel, stand builders, flights, freight, venue services etc.?
  • Reed Exhibitions will not be liable for any loss or costs incurred by exhibitors for hotels, flights, etc. as a result of the postponement. Please speak to your suppliers directly and check your travel insurance policy. 
  • Please note that the Exhibitor Indemnity that you may have purchased does not include cover for communicable diseases.
  • We strongly recommend that you contact your supplier directly to clarify their refund policy.

    Will I have the same location in the same hall with the new date?
  • We have secured a similar footprint of the same scale to the original event but in some adjacent halls at London ExCeL. Most stands should transfer across without issue or complication but there may be a small number that are affected by different door locations within the new halls.
  • We are in the process of mapping the original event floor plan across to the new halls and will be able to understand any implications in the coming weeks.
  • We will discuss those as soon as possible with any exhibitors who are affected and will work with them to find the best solution.

    Will I receive a new contract to exhibit for the postponed event?
  • No, your current contract to exhibit will continue to apply in respect of the postponed event as amended to reflect the new dates. You will be sent an email to confirm the change of dates soon.

    What happens if an exhibitor cannot attend the show on the new dates?
  • Unless there is an official government restriction (travel ban) in place which means that an exhibitor cannot attend, the exhibitor will still be liable to pay the liquidated damages on cancellation in accordance with Reg. 7 of their existing contract to exhibit [i.e. you will be required to pay 100% of the Service Charge and VAS Charges paid and payable] 
  • Reg 37.1 and 39.1 also allow us to change the dates of the event. If an exhibitor cannot make the new date and wishes to cancel, they would be required to pay the cancellation charges on cancellation in accordance with Reg. 7 of their existing contract to exhibit [i.e. you will be required to pay 100% of the Service Charge and VAS Charges paid and payable

    I no longer wish to exhibit and will wait for the 2022 edition – can I cancel or roll my contract over?
  • The terms & conditions of your existing 2020 contract still apply if you wish to cancel your stand – please refer to the information above.

    Can I cancel Oi 2020 without any penalty?
  • The terms & conditions of your existing contract still apply if you wish to cancel your stand. Reg 37.1 of our Terms & Conditions allows us to change the dates of the show. If an exhibitor cannot make the new date & wishes to cancel, they would be required to pay 100% of the service fee outlined in the existing contract.

    I have already cancelled due to the Covid-19. May I reverse my cancellation? 
  • Yes, however, if you intend to participate in the event on the new dates, we must check whether the originally agreed stand position is still available.

    How many exhibitors and visitors do you expect for the postponed events in the second half of the year?
  • It is not yet possible to make a reliable statement. However, at this stage, we would anticipate a strong event attendance.

    What happens to orders already placed with London ExCeL?
  • We would advise you to refer to London ExCeL directly on this matter.

    When is the event in 2022?
  • Oi London 2022 runs from 15-17 March, 2022
  • We also run regional Oi events in 2020 and 2021 in the following locations and dates:
          - Oi Middle East, Abu Dhabi, 7-9 September 2020 o Oi Americas, San Diego, 15-17 February 2021
          - Oi China, Shanghai, 15-17 September 2021

We remain available for any further information you may need. Please contact your usual account manager or our customer services team www.oceanologyinternational.com/help/contact.

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