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  • NOVACAVI reports an increasing demand...

    Company:   NOVACAVI

    • N250

    Exploration, monitoring, inspection, maintenance, protection and surveillance, search and rescue operations with drones and robotic vehicles are rapid...

    Updated 1 month ago 15 Apr 2020

  • Trelleborg Applied Technologies

    Trelleborg Applied Technologies Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will showcase its latest innovations in ultra-deep-water composite foam solutions at the Oceanology show in London, England....

    Updated 2 months ago

  • Magellan Ltd.

    Magellan Ltd. A few operators have developed systems capable of ‘bouncing’ to 6,000m depths, but no one has amassed the experience and technical capability of operating on a continuous basis, day in...

    Updated 2 months ago

  • SS490 4K UHD Camera

    SS490 4K UHD Camera The SS490 4K UHD camera provides superior video image quality at 4x's the resolution of 1080 full HD images, while providing excellent focus with a 20x zoom. A combined optical and...

    Updated 2 months ago

  • VMAX Scenario Development and Underwater Simulation

    VMAX Scenario Development and Underwater Simulation Design of Underwater Simulations can be performed by your subsea engineering team through the use of VMAX Simulator and VMEditor Scenario...

    Updated 3 months ago

  • OCEANS 4 - Newsletter 24

    Company:   Resinex

    • F460

    Updated 3 months ago

  • ROV Sale to Amundsen Science

    ROV Sale to Amundsen Science Sale of Comanche ROV

    Updated 3 months ago


    Company:   NOVACAVI

    • N250

    Special custom cable engineered for the ISWEC prototype (Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter) within the Eni MaREnergy research programme. Installed of...

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Fibron


    Updated 3 months ago

  • OceanAlpha to Showcase Long Endurance...

    Company:   OceanAlpha Group Ltd.

    • G450

    OceanAlpha, a leading AI, robotic, unmanned technology company, officially announced its participation in the 20th Oceanology International. The compa...

    Updated 3 months ago 13 Feb 2020

  • CBC feature on MarineNav Ltd. Oceanus...

    Company:   MarineNav

    • L350

    Reporter Pat Martell of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation visited MarineNav. An online feature and regional broadcast feature focused on our manuf...

    Updated 3 months ago 19 Sep 2019

  • RTSYS releases new low-power underwater...

    Company:   RTSYS

    • J551

    RTSYS releases a new set of low-power underwater recorders called Sylence-LP for research institutes and offshore consultants to monitor noise (up to ...

    Updated 3 months ago 20 Jan 2020

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