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  • UAS - PX-31

    Company:   Maritime Robotics

    • C500
    shared with Innovation Norway

    The PX-31 UAS is a multipurpose unmanned aircraft system with the ability to carry a diverse suite of sensors and payloads serving user needs.

  • ULC Series

    Company:   Scorpion Oceanics

    • G400

    Extensively used in sealed laboratory environments.

  • ULi – a LiDAR system for underwater by...

    Company:   Fraunhofer IPM

    • H710

    The scanning system inspects underwater infrastructure using ToF measurement adapted for use in turbid water. It covers distances of up to several ten...

  • Ultra Deep Water Floats

    Company:   Resinex

    • F460

    The continuous development of new technologies allows Resinex to utilize the most up-to-date materials and components and thanks to different densitie...

  • Ultra deep water syntactic foam blocks

    Company:   Resinex

    • F460

    The specific composition of Resinex syntactic foam allows the underwater use up to 11.000 metres of depth, where a high resistance to pressure and to ...

  • UltraLab ULS Advanced

    Company:   General Acoustics e.K.

    • G203

    Full digital, cutting-edge, flagship, remote sensing measurement system, designed for demanding measurement application. Time-efficient, very reliable...

  • underwater camera

    Hy-sh]4001 is a deep water digital camera independently developed by haiyan electronics, which adopts a titanium alloy shell and sapphire window, and ...


    Company:   NOVACAVI

    • N250

    It’s a resilient data, signal and power armoured underwater cable connecting sea bottom with surface buoys equipped with sensors developed by a team o...

  • Underwater Diver Receiver Kit

    Company:   Sonotronics Inc

    • A50

    The UDR-Kit contains all of the basic tools necessary for locating pingers from a surface vessel and while diving. This includes the UDR receiver, ext...

  • Underwater GPS

    Company:   Water Linked AS

    • C350
    shared with Blue Robotics Inc.

    The Underwater GPS system is setting a new standard for performance, size and cost when it comes to underwater positioning system. No other system is ...

  • Underwater Mass Spectrometery

    Company:   Marine Research Ltd.

    • A200

    UMS (Underwater Mass Spectrometer) - Real time water analytic for chemical mapping. The newest released technology allows the in situ mass spectromete...

  • Underwater modems

    Company:   Subnero

    • A103

    Our modems are a flexible platform with substantial computing power packed into a compact form factor. They are optimised for high-noise environments ...

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