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  • S Boom

    Company:   Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd

    • J301

    Triple plate sub-bottom profiler

  • S1000 Series pH Sensor

    Company:   ANB Sensors Ltd

    • M504

    The S1000 Series uses ANB Sensors' patented technology to provide a pH sensor which is calibration free. Its unique algorithms provide real time healt...

  • Sailbuoy

    Company:   Offshore Sensing

    • C500
    shared with Innovation Norway

    Unmanned surface vehicle

  • Sams

    Company:   iXblue

    • E100,
    • E200

    By integrating navigation capability and real-time SAS integration, iXblue makes SAS technology available to all. The combination of all these technol...

  • Sapphire 360 degree viewing window

    Company:   Meller Optics, Inc.

    • A650

    Sapphire Truncated Hyper- Hemispherical window for submairine surface viewing,manned or unmanned.

  • Satellite buoy

    Company:   Marine Instruments

    • M150

    Satellite buoy with GPS for location and tracking. Can also include echosounders of 50 Khz and 120 Khz suitable for FAD fishing applications.

  • Satellite Coastal and Benthic Mapping

    Company:   EOMAP

    • E251

    Coastal and Benthic Mapping using satellite image data. Benefits: * Cheap * Rapid * Up to date * High resolution ...

  • Satellite Communications for Maritime...

    Company:   Dynautics Limited

    • P301

    The SPECTRE system is now capable of using the Iridium satellite network for communications world wide, with Rudics and SBD. This means that a scienti...

  • Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB)

    Company:   EOMAP

    • E251

    Dense shallow water bathymetric grids from the technology and market leader of SDB. check • No on-site surveys requi...

  • Satellite Derived Water Quality

    Company:   EOMAP

    • E251

    Monitoring water turbidity with satellite image data. Benefits: * Remote measure for big areas * Up to daily...

  • Satellite image data and monitoring...

    Company:   EOMAP

    • E251

    Provision of satellite monitoring concepts to aid dredging monitoring, observe infrastructure or EIA's

  • Satellite turbidity monitoring for...

    Company:   I-SEA

    • N501

    Our service offers the opportunity to get regional historical dataset about environmental conditions, from satellite remote sensing, enhancing knowled...

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