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  • i90 Pro GNSS receiver

    Company:   CHC Navigation | CHCNAV

    • N301

    The i90 Pro GNSS receiver combines the latest CHCNAV’s IMU-RTK technology and the compatibility with L-Band corrections services to extend RTK positi...

  • IAPSO Standard Seawater

    Company:   Ocean Scientific International Ltd

    • M100

    The internationally recognised calibration standard for salinity. It is prepared using natural, open-ocean Atlantic Ocean seawater, and is calibrated ...

  • Ice Profiling Sonar (IPS)

    Company:   ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

    • E400
    shared with CANADA

  • Ice Tethered Profiler

    Company:   McLane Research Laboratories, Inc

    • A525

    The Ice Tethered Profiler (ITP) is an autonomous time-series instrument that vertically profiles the water column under the ice and collects in situ ...

  • Iceberg Satellite detection & drifting...

    Company:   CLS - Collecte Localisation Satellites

    • E300

    To secure shipping, CLS proposes an operational service since 2008 to provide icebergs risk bulletin. It includes frequent satellite (radar, altimetry...

  • icListen Smart Hydrophone

    Company:   Ocean Sonics Ltd

    • E400
    shared with CANADA

    icListen is the smallest, most effective tool for underwater listening and environmental monitoring. The icListen is the only digital hydrophone to pr...

  • ICTINEU 3 Submersible 1200m

    Company:   ICTINEU Submarins S.L.

    • M654

    The ICTINEU 3 is a new generation manned submersible, with a powerful state-of-the-art battery package that can drive up to 20 miles underwater with a...

  • Imaging Flow Cytobot

    Company:   McLane Research Laboratories, Inc

    • A525

    The Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) is an in-situ automated submersible imaging flow cytometer that generates images of particles in-flow taken from the aq...

  • Imenco Subsea Electronics and Lifting...

    Company:   Imenco

    • L451

    Complete range of underwater (subsea) cameras, LED lights, lasers, latches and bullets for ROV, AUV and USV of all sizes. Equipment used worldwide b...

  • Imenco Through-water digital acoustic...

    Company:   Imenco

    • L451

    The acoustic technology is applied for remote subsea BOP control, accurate non GPS dynamic positioning, and industry-leading diver communications syst...

  • Immersive Visualisation

    Company:   BMT

    • N400

    To improve the design process for an asset and optimise its in-service support, BMT use the latest virtual technology to visualise not just a physical...

  • Inception Class MKII USV

    Company:   Unmanned Survey Solutions

    • G702
    shared with Swathe Services

    The modular Inception Class MKII Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) has been developed to produce high-end, accurate hydrographic surveys in challenging sh...

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