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  • HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe...

    Company:   Vaisala

    • J10

    Vaisala's HUMICAP® HMP155 is a plug-and-play sensor that has excellent stability and withstands well even in harsh environments. The probe provides re...

  • LOG_aLevel

    Company:   General Acoustics e.K.

    • G203

    Versatile, remote-sensing system for water level and wave measurement. Extendable to include hydrological and meteorological sensors. - for inland ...

  • LOG_aLevel (Long Range)

    Company:   General Acoustics e.K.

    • G203

    Long Range Tide Gauge for level and wave measurements for offshore platforms, bridges, etc. - maintenance-free (no moving parts, remote sensing) -...

  • Marine Environmental Services

    Company:   TDI-Brooks International, Inc.

    • M390

    Environmental Baseline Studies are often required in offshore prospects as a defense against potential litigation, to satisfy leasing stipulations, an...

  • Maritime Observation System AWS430

    Company:   Vaisala

    • J10

    Designed specially for critical maritime weather applications

  • Meteorological and Oceanographic Survey...

    Company:   Horizon Geosciences

    • H350

    Horizon uses a wide range of Metocean equipment including tide gauges, wave and current meters, in-situ data loggers and meteorological stations in or...

  • Metocean Services

    Company:   BMT

    • N400

    BMT's metocean engineering services and solutions to the offshore, coastal and port sectors provide best-practice metocean studies, operational and ex...

  • Ocean Aero Submaran™

    Company:   Ocean Aero

    • A160

    The Ocean Aero Submaran™ is the first hybrid wind and solar-powered surface and subsurface vessel designed for extended ocean observation and data col...

  • Open Ocean

    Company:   ARTELIA-Open Ocean

    • Q291
    shared with BUSINESS FRANCE

    Based on worldwide and qualified wind, wave and current data, Open Ocean web platform delivers historical metocean conditions and weather downtime ana...

  • Real Time Measurement System

    Company:   CLS - Collecte Localisation Satellites

    • E300

    In-situ observations are crucial for engineering & design. We custom-build, install, maintain and recover ocean instrumentation in response to your sp...

  • SUBPRO2545

    Company:   General Acoustics e.K.

    • G203

    Portable Sub-Bottom Profiler with best in class resolution and sediment penetration for shallow and ultra-shallow waters. - suitable for ASVs - ea...

  • Viking Oceanographic Buoy with...

    Company:   MTE Instruments

    • E401
    shared with CANADA

    The Viking oceanographic buoys have assisted Canadian and US researchers for 10 years. The buoy can accomodate equipments, including meteorological, u...

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