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  • CPT services off client provided barge...

    Company:   Lankelma Ltd

    • L621

    Lankelma works in co operation with many colleague companies where you can provide the platform and/or drill rig and/or staff and we provide cpt serv...

  • G-882

    Company:   Geometrics Inc

    • P151

    Our G-882 Marine Magnetometer is the leading marine system in the industry with 1000+ systems sold worldwide! This system meets the standards required...

  • Next Geosolutions

    Company:   Next Geosolutions Europe SpA

    • D151

  • Oasis montaj

    Company:   Seequent

    • A170

    Seequent provides industry-standard software and custom solutions for environmental assessments, UXO surveys and other near surface geoscience investi...

  • ROV inspection

    Company:   Marine Research Ltd.

    • A200

    Our Eprons Mini Mirage ROV features Full HD color camera, 10 thrusters, USBL positioning, navigation sonar and manipulator arm. It is able to carry H2...

  • SwarmDiver: Micro Swarming USV/UUV

    Aquabotix's SwarmDiver, a modular, flexible autonomous swarming system designed for operation in surf-zone and shallow water environments. This ultra-...

  • Top Push CPT Rams

    Company:   Lankelma Ltd

    • L621

    20 tonne top push marinized cpt rams suitable to mount onto any platform and use from South America to West Africa. Our highly competent cpt operators...

  • UXO Marine

    Company:   Seequent

    • A170

    A specialized and comprehensive workflow for detecting UXO targets in marine environments. UXO Marine for Oasis montaj helps to convert magnetic data...

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