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  • 200m Mini Altimeter Kit Smart™ Sensor

    Company:   AIRMAR Technology Corporation

    • B250

    AIRMAR’s 200m Mini was designed for use as an altimeter on AUV’s and ROV’s. The kit includes a standalone, compact transceiver board that mounts on th...

  • DWR4/ACM

    Company:   Datawell

    • G451

    Directional Waverider with Acoustic Current Meter to measure wave height, wave direction, wave period, sea surface current and sea surface temperature...

  • Liquid Robotics Wave Glider

    Company:   Liquid Robotics

    • D250

    Subsea view of the Wave Glider.

  • Marine Environmental Services

    Company:   TDI-Brooks International, Inc.

    • M390

    Environmental Baseline Studies are often required in offshore prospects as a defense against potential litigation, to satisfy leasing stipulations, an...

  • MaxiMet

    Company:   Gill Instruments Ltd

    • A309

    Compact weather station range from Gill that offers the widest range of meteorological and environmental measurements and output protocol options. Pro...

  • Miros WaveWeather

    Company:   Miros

    • K201

    Miros WaveWeather delivers accurate, real-time measurements of local sea state and weather conditions to any user, on any device, providing critical d...

  • Ocean Aero Submaran™

    Company:   Ocean Aero

    • A160

    The Ocean Aero Submaran™ is the first hybrid wind and solar-powered surface and subsurface vessel designed for extended ocean observation and data col...

  • Slocum G3 Glider

    Company:   Teledyne Marine

    • G100

    The Slocum glider is buoyancy driven autonomous underwater vehicle that enables long range and duration remote water column observation for academic, ...

  • TidePredictor

    Company:   General Acoustics e.K.

    • G203

    Tide and current analysis and prediction, calculation of harmonic constituents, incorporation of wind speed and barometric pressure data. - import ...

  • Vessels Routing - Route Watch Service

    Company:   CLS - Collecte Localisation Satellites

    • E300

    Save Fuel, save time, increase safety, reduce costs and optimaze your vessels route with Route Watch

  • WindObserver

    Company:   Gill Instruments Ltd

    • A309

    a broad range of 2 axis ultrasonic anemometers in stainless steel which includes sonic temperature measurement. With versions that can measure a range...

  • WindSonic

    Company:   Gill Instruments Ltd

    • A309

    The two axis wind sensor which is available in both durable plastic and robust aluminum alloy options with an optional heating system suitable for the...

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