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  • 1002 Series Electric Thrusters

    Company:   Innerspace Corporation

    • R395

    The 1002 Series Electric Propulsion Systems provide the ultimate in reliability and efficiency. The Electric Motor efficiency is over 90%. The 1002 El...

  • Abyssal Field Editor

    Company:   Abyssal S.A

    • L551

    Allows engineers and surveyors to add GIS-based contextualized data such as 3D assets and complete systems, field bathymetry data, ROV routes, HAZID z...

  • DiveNET: Sealink/Microlink

    Company:   Beringia Enterprises LLC

    • M656

    DiveNET: Sealink/Microlink acoustic modems provide effective long-range through-water data transmission and acoustic Subsea IoT connectivity delivered...

  • Fluo-Imager Analyser

    Company:   Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS

    • F12

    Fluo-Imager spectral analyser aimed at the express detection and identification of organic compounds in liquid samples. Using spectral fluorescence si...

  • Observer XT Mini-ROV

    Company:   SUBSEA TECH

    • K200
    shared with BUSINESS FRANCE

    The Observer XT 4.0 is an ultra portable underwater inspection robot, operating down to 150m depth. Its powerful thrust system offers high manoeuvrabi...

  • OXY Flux

    Company:   PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

    • R500

    The OXY Flux is an optical oxygen amplifier with microoptode that delivers oxygen measurements at 10 Hz frequency. The oxygen meter can directly be co...

  • OXYBase® WR-RS485 & WR-RS485M

    Company:   PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

    • R500

    The OXYBase® WR-RS485 & WR-RS485M combines optical sensor and electro-optical module in one probe. The sensor has a maximum measurement range of 0 - 1...

  • REAV-10

    REAV-10 is an ultra lightweight, small form factor autonomous USV for survey operations at reservoirs, sheltered lakes, estuaries and rivers where sin...

  • ROW Algae Monitor

    Company:   Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS

    • F12

    The ROW Algae Monitor is a non-contact instrument that measures the threshold of blue-green algae from 2 PPM. The technology uses UV fluorescence to q...

  • ROW Hydrocarbon Detector

    Company:   Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS

    • F12

    The ROW hydrocarbon detector is a non-contact hydrocarbon detector meant for industrial and environmental monitoring of water ways or systems. The ins...

  • SDR SensorDish® Reader

    Company:   PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

    • R500

    The SDR SensorDish® Reader is a small 24-channel reader for non-invasive detection of oxygen and pH in multidishes (SensorDishes®). These contain a se...



    • R151

    Soloon Controls (Beijing) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000, which is a Singapore company, specialize in Explosion-proof Damper Actuator, Full range of prod...

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