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  • Deep Sea Laser (Model 400-37)

    The Ocean Imaging Systems Model 400-37 laser features a titanium housing and connector, sapphire optical port, and an adjustable “ball in socket” moun...

  • Falmat Cables

    Company:   Falmat Cable

    • K10

    Standard and Custom Designed Cables: ROV Tethers, Armored, XtremeGreen Video, XtremeMarine HD Coax, XtremeNet, XtremeLIght Fiber Optic, Subsea Instr...

  • fastCTD

    Company:   Valeport Ltd

    • H301

    Valeport’s new fastCTD Profiler is designed to deliver high quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates. Created for coastal and oceanographic profiling, t...

  • Four-color Underwater Light

    Red light illumination 500 lm Green light illumination 700 lm Blue lamp illumination 250 lm White light illumination 1000 lm

  • Hyperion Fluorometer

    Company:   Valeport Ltd

    • H301

    Valeport’s Hyperion Fluorometer sensor range delivers high performance measurements of Chlorophyll, Fluorescein and Rhodamine in a compact & robust pa...

  • MetOcean Metal Shell Connector Range

    Company:   STS Subsea

    • A407

    A series with 9 shell sizes, with 2 to 61 contacts from 8 to 20AWG. The design incorporates MIL-DTL-26482 specified COTS insets as standard but can be...

  • NOSS: absolute salinity

    Company:   nke Instrumentation

    • C401

    The thermodynamic properties of seawater such as density and enthalpy, are now correctly expressed as functions of Absolute Salinity rather being func...

  • Sapphire 360 degree viewing window

    Company:   Meller Optics, Inc.

    • A650

    Sapphire Truncated Hyper- Hemispherical window for submairine surface viewing,manned or unmanned.

  • Scientific UHI

    Company:   Ecotone

    • C500
    shared with Innovation Norway

    Underwater Hyperspectral Imager for scientific use.

  • SDR SensorDish® Reader

    Company:   PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

    • R500

    The SDR SensorDish® Reader is a small 24-channel reader for non-invasive detection of oxygen and pH in multidishes (SensorDishes®). These contain a se...

  • ULi – a LiDAR system for underwater by...

    Company:   Fraunhofer IPM

    • H710

    The scanning system inspects underwater infrastructure using ToF measurement adapted for use in turbid water. It covers distances of up to several ten...

  • VisiSens TD

    Company:   PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

    • R500

    VisiSens TD enables simultaneous 2D read-out of optical O2, pH and CO2 sensor foils within one set-up. Planar sensors for one or more analytes are pla...

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