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  • Abyssal AI

    Company:   Abyssal S.A

    • L551

    By leveraging our GIS, 3D, and Simulation capabilities with the integrated operational and engineering data, our engineering teams are continuously de...

  • Abyssal Field Editor

    Company:   Abyssal S.A

    • L551

    Allows engineers and surveyors to add GIS-based contextualized data such as 3D assets and complete systems, field bathymetry data, ROV routes, HAZID z...

  • Geotechnical drilling overwater

    Company:   Lankelma Ltd

    • L621

    Lankelma has added an Eijkelkamp CRS Duo Sonic/Rotary drill rig to its fleet. We can operate this from our own jack up barge or from a third party pro...

  • Metocean Services

    Company:   BMT

    • N400

    BMT's metocean engineering services and solutions to the offshore, coastal and port sectors provide best-practice metocean studies, operational and ex...

  • Multibeam and Subsea Laser Data...

    Company:   OARS

    • F705

    Multibeam data processing - no matter what the file format. OARS has in-house data processors in their Data Services center and qualified Caris, EIVA,...

  • Open Ocean

    Company:   ARTELIA-Open Ocean

    • Q291
    shared with BUSINESS FRANCE

    Based on worldwide and qualified wind, wave and current data, Open Ocean web platform delivers historical metocean conditions and weather downtime ana...

  • Sidescan Sonar, Backscatter, and Water...

    Company:   OARS

    • F705

    OARS has the same quality of personnel offshore that they have in their Data Services center. Qualified SonarWiz, Oasis, Kingdom, Triton processors ar...

  • Survey Consulting Services

    Company:   OARS

    • F705

    OARS provides private consulting services, and has a long list of successful projects and satisfied clients who have reached the next level with the h...

  • Wireline CPT WISON APB

    Company:   Lankelma Ltd

    • L621

    A wireline cpt to work off our jack up barge together with our drill rigs for deep getoechnical boreholes and cpt in shallow water. Unit can also be r...

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