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  • 2020 Sequoia Product Catalog

    Company:   Sequoia Scientific Inc

    • A203

    Sequoia's LISST instruments & their accessories

  • Carlson Merlin Vessel-Based LiDAR...

    Company:   Swathe Services

    • G702

    Marine LiDAR system developed specifically for cost-effective & safer coastal, offshore & inland waterway surveying Extremely robust, portable, and we...

  • Dark Saber - SS182mkII

    Company:   Sidus Solutions LLC

    • A100

    DARK SABER - LED, Light Line Laser and Strobe Combo, 11,000 Lumens, Adjustable 5-100mW, No acoustic noise = no effects on nearby sonars, Depth rate o...

  • Deep Sea Laser (Model 400-37)

    The Ocean Imaging Systems Model 400-37 laser features a titanium housing and connector, sapphire optical port, and an adjustable “ball in socket” moun...

  • Imenco Subsea Electronics and Lifting...

    Company:   Imenco

    • L451

    Complete range of underwater (subsea) cameras, LED lights, lasers, latches and bullets for ROV, AUV and USV of all sizes. Equipment used worldwide b...


    Company:   Sequoia Scientific Inc

    • A203

    Low-cost sensor specifically for measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration at a point. It represents an advance over turbidity sensors. It is suitab...


    Company:   Sequoia Scientific Inc

    • A203

    The LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity sensor is a patent pending, simple, low-cost sensor to measure suspended sediment concentration (SSC).

  • LISST-Glider

    Company:   Sequoia Scientific Inc

    • A203

    The LISST-Glider is a version of the LISST-200X designed for glider integration.The LISST-Glider has the same specifications and performance as the LI...


    Company:   Sequoia Scientific Inc

    • A203

    Optical Volume Scattering Function and Depolarization Sensor. World’s first autonomous, submersible instrument for measuring the volume scattering fun...

  • Micro SeaLaser®

    Company:   Deepsea Power & Light

    • L151

    The compact Micro SeaLaser features a sapphire port, a titanium housing, 6,000 m depth rating, and a <5 mW Class III-A semiconductor laser diode. ...

  • Multibeam and Subsea Laser Data...

    Company:   OARS

    • F705

    Multibeam data processing - no matter what the file format. OARS has in-house data processors in their Data Services center and qualified Caris, EIVA,...

  • RIEGL VQ-840-G

    Company:   RIEGL

    • R490

    The RIEGL VQ-840-G, designed for combined topographic and hydrographic surveys for use with large UAVs from lower flight altitudes, the scanner carrie...

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