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  • Alpha Portable USBL

    Company:   Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd

    • J301

    Entry level portable USBL system for subsea positioning and tracking

  • ARIS Defender 1800

    Company:   Sound Metrics Corp.

    • D301

    The ARIS Defender 1800 makes it easy to capture quality video-like images with simple one-handed operation in the most turbid waters. This diver-held ...

  • ARIS Defender 3000

    Company:   Sound Metrics Corp.

    • D301

    Easily capture quality, near-video-like images with the ARIS Defender 3000! With simple, one-handed operation, the Defender operates easily in turbid ...

  • AUV/ROV Autopilot

    Company:   Dynautics Limited

    • P301

    The AUV / ROV autopilot is based on the SPECTRE autopilot board and has been installed on submersible vehicles. The system is equally suited taking ov...


    Company:   BIRNS, Inc.

    • K300

    The BIRNS Aquila-LED™ provides intense LED illumination focused on the job at hand, in the water and out. This is the ultimate low voltage underwat...

  • CaviBlaster 1228-G

    Company:   CaviDyne LLC

    • R250

    CaviBlaster 1222-G (12 gpm / 2200 psi) Our most popular commercial unit, is a compact and lightweight system producing superior cleaning performance....

  • CCR-Superlite Integration

    Company:   Lombardi Undersea LLC

    • A500
    shared with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

    Our experimental platform technology is a closed-circuit rebreather hybridized with a Superlite diving helmet. This is a unique diving configuration w...

  • Cygnus DIVE Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge...

    Company:   Cygnus Instruments Ltd

    • M20

    Cygnus DIVE has a large AMOLED display for easy viewing from all angles even in poor visibility. This wrist-mountable underwater ultrasonic thickness ...

  • Cygnus Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness...

    Company:   Cygnus Instruments Ltd

    • M20

    The original diver-held subsea multiple-echo ultrasonic thickness gauge designed for use by divers undertaking subsea maintenance and surveys. The uni...

  • DiveNET: 5X5

    Company:   Beringia Enterprises LLC

    • M656

    DiveNET: 5X5 is a diver voice communication system providing up to 2,000 meters of effective through-water range and exceptional signal quality. Dive...

  • DiveNET: Commander

    Company:   Beringia Enterprises LLC

    • M656

    DiveNET: Commander is an USBL subsea positioning and navigation system for divers and unmanned systems with support for up to 23 responder-beacons, 8,...

  • DiveNET: GPS

    Company:   Beringia Enterprises LLC

    • M656

    DiveNET: GPS is a portable, self-contained and rapidly deployable wireless wide-area underwater GPS navigation system. DiveNET: GPS provides absolute ...

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