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  • 3-Metre Metocean Buoy

    Company:   AXYS Technologies, Inc

    • C651

    The AXYS 3-Metre buoy is a very capable and rugged metocean platform that can be configured with a wide range of sensors for monitoring meteorological...

  • Anglerfish Miniature Flasher

    Company:   Arctic Rays

    • M621

    Self-contained 380 lumen LED visible from 3 to 5 nmi to aid in vehicle recovery


    Company:   Zunibal S.L.

    • A405

    ANTEIA WAVE BUOY allows to collect, in real time, height, direction and period data, and water temperature. Anteia Wave Buoy is really easy to transpo...

  • Argos Beacon

    Company:   Sercel

    • L500
    shared with De Regt Marine Cables BV

    ​Designed to retrieve a buoy in case of mooring line break, BABS warns owners of line breakage by transmitting a signal to ARGOS satellites while BASM...


    Company:   AXYS Technologies, Inc

    • C651

    The AXYS FLiDAR WINDSENTINEL™ is the faster, economical and more accurate way to gather atmospheric and ocean data. Used by leading wind developers al...

  • Bananas GEOD by Cadden

    Company:   CADDEN

    • L300
    shared with BUSINESS FRANCE

  • Barrel-Stave Flextensional Projector...

    Company:   Sensor Technology Ltd.

    • C151

    The SX01 barrel-stave flextensional projector is a small, low frequency transducer with high output power. Commonly used for sonar arrays and long dis...

  • DiveNET: Commander

    Company:   Beringia Enterprises LLC

    • M656

    DiveNET: Commander is an USBL subsea positioning and navigation system for divers and unmanned systems with support for up to 23 responder-beacons, 8,...

  • DiveNET: GPS

    Company:   Beringia Enterprises LLC

    • M656

    DiveNET: GPS is a portable, self-contained and rapidly deployable wireless wide-area underwater GPS navigation system. DiveNET: GPS provides absolute ...

  • Drifting buoys

    Company:   nke Instrumentation

    • C401

    The SC40 SVP BRST is fitted with a Sea Surface Temperature sensor, a Barometric Pressure sensor, a Drogue presence sensor, a High Resolution Sea Surfa...

  • EdgeTech PORT Acoustic Transponder...

    Company:   EdgeTech

    • H201

    The PORT Push Off Release Transponder is ideal for deployments in coastal environments. Unique push-off mechanism provides reliable release every time...

  • Elastic Beacons

    Company:   Resinex

    • F460

    Our elastic beacons are the ideal support for a correct and constant monitoring of the marine and lake environment, both for the high pollution risk ...

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