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  • AUV Batteries

    Company:   SubCtech GmbH

    • G300

    Proven and rechargeable Li-ion batteries are built in the Li-Ion PowerPack™ for AUVs and other vehicles. The SmartBMS™ observes the battery and delive...

  • Imenco Through-water digital acoustic...

    Company:   Imenco

    • L451

    The acoustic technology is applied for remote subsea BOP control, accurate non GPS dynamic positioning, and industry-leading diver communications syst...

  • MarineNav Oceanus Hybrid ROV

    Company:   MarineNav

    • L350

    Commercial-grade performance with high-end features, all in a cost-efficient package.

  • MarineNav Oceanus Hybrid ROV

    Company:   MarineNav Ltd.

    • E400
    shared with CANADA

    The MarineNav Oceanus Hybrid ROV is a commercial grade performance ROV with high-end features, all in a cost-effective package

  • PowerLogger™

    Company:   SubCtech GmbH

    • G300

    The PowerLogger™ is a combination of subsea data loggers and the Li-Ion technology of the Powerpacks™. It is a complete and autonomous measuring syste...

  • PowerPack™

    Company:   SubCtech GmbH

    • G300

    Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are amongst the most efficient batteries and SubCtech even optimized them for the use in marine and offshore technology....

  • SeaBattery™ Power Module

    Company:   Deepsea Power & Light

    • L151

    The subsea community has relied on our SeaBattery Power Module for over 30 years for its durable design that works in the most demanding subsea applic...

  • Sibiu Nano

    Company:   Nido Robotics SL

    • L611

    The smallest and lightest ROV (6 kg). It is designed for visual inspections in shallow waters, capable to reach up to 100 m depth, perfect to explore ...

  • Standard SmartCharger™

    Company:   SubCtech GmbH

    • G300

    Fully-automatic Li-Ion battery charger 100W, 300W, 750W – others on request Metal housing, IP65 water protected Input wide-range 90-264 VAC 5...

  • Wave Elf (Mini)

    It can be used for short-term offshore fixed-point observation or far-sea drift observation, and can be used to measure sea surface wave height, wave ...

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