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    Company:   CHC Navigation | CHCNAV

    • N301

    The APACHE3 is a portable shallow-draft hull with a single beam echo sounder for bathymetricsurveys of lakes, inland rivers, and coastal areas.

  • CaviBlaster 1228-G

    Company:   CaviDyne LLC

    • R250

    CaviBlaster 1222-G (12 gpm / 2200 psi) Our most popular commercial unit, is a compact and lightweight system producing superior cleaning performance....

  • CCR-Superlite Integration

    Company:   Lombardi Undersea LLC

    • A500
    shared with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

    Our experimental platform technology is a closed-circuit rebreather hybridized with a Superlite diving helmet. This is a unique diving configuration w...

  • Manta-200

    Company:   Geomil Equipment

    • C400
    shared with Dutch Ocean Group

    The Manta-200 represents Geomil's Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) system for seabed operations. To date, it has successfully completed challenging proj...


    Company:   Sonotronics Inc

    • A50

    Manual Tracking Kit contains USR-14, DH-4, and accessories. Designed to bring together the most common tools our customers have found to be valuable f...

  • MarineNav Oceanus Hybrid ROV

    Company:   MarineNav

    • L350

    Commercial-grade performance with high-end features, all in a cost-efficient package.

  • MISS Sampling System

    Company:   Idronaut

    • L600
    shared with General Oceanics – Idronaut Srl

    This MISS sampling system accept up to 6 NISKIN bottles of different capacities (0.8;1.5;2.1 L.) and comes complete with a RS232 digital interface and...

  • MTi 600-series

    Company:   Xsens

    • M250

    The Xsens MTi 600-series is an industrial grade, affordable MEMS-based orientation sensor. It offers full-featured sensor fusion algorithms with an ea...

  • Ocean Space Habitat

    Company:   Lombardi Undersea LLC

    • A500
    shared with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

    Ocean Space Habitat is a patented portable inflatable habitat designed for augmented decompression, in-water recompression, or to establish other dry ...

  • RD1 Oxygen Rebreather

    Company:   Lombardi Undersea LLC

    • A500
    shared with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

    RD1 (Rebreather Day 1) is an oxygen only closed circuit rebreather designed for early career rebreather training. Units are in the field and supported...

  • Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB)

    Company:   EOMAP

    • E251

    Dense shallow water bathymetric grids from the technology and market leader of SDB. check • No on-site surveys requi...

  • Satellite Derived Water Quality

    Company:   EOMAP

    • E251

    Monitoring water turbidity with satellite image data. Benefits: * Remote measure for big areas * Up to daily...

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