Autonomous Operations

  • Date 01 Dec 2020
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Autonomous Operations

01 Dec 2020, 12:00 - 13:00

Show floor theatre

Chairperson: Ahmed Abousabea, ROV Specialist, Total

12:05 - Enabling Technologies for Next Generation Smart Robotics
Matt Bates, Sales Director, Saab Seaye Ltd

12:20 - Completely Unmanned Survey Operations Enabling Smart Data Acquisition
Al Rumson, Innovation Lead, Sulmara Subsea

12:35 - Over-The-Horizon Hydrographic Surveying Using Unmanned Surface Vessels                         
Duncan Mallace, Chief Strategy Officer, Xocean 

12:50 - Audience Q&A


  • Ahmed Abousabea


    ROV Specialist

    Total S.A.

    Ahmed worked in the ROV business since he graduated as an electrical engineer back in 2007, he started as a trainee and got up the ladder till he...

  • Matt Bates


    Sales Director

    Saab Seaeye Ltd

    Matt has an Honours Degree in Engineering Systems and 35 years experience working with underwater systems. Since joining Saab Seaeye in 1993 he has...

  • Duncan Mallace


    Chief Strategy Officer


    Duncan is a graduate of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne with a BSc in Surveying Science.  The 90s were spent offshore using early multibeam...

  • Al Rumson


    Innovation Lead

    Sulmara Subsea

    Al has 14 years’ experience working in subsea industry. Based primarily in Norway since 2011, where he has worked for DOF Subsea, Swire Seabed and...