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Below is a selection of media coverage for Oceanology International. Press registration will be live on the website shortly.

Oceanology International 2016 


Oceanology International 2016: two weeks to go (Aqaufeed 03/03/2016)

Oceanology International 2016: The Facts And Figures (The Maritime Executive 01/03/2016)

Oceanology International 2016 Gives Update on Ocean Technology (Hydro International 01/03/2016)

OI 2016 two weeks to go: the facts and figures (All about shipping 01/03/2016)

About Oceanology International (BYM Product and Industry News, (01/03/2016)

Teledyne Marine’s One Team at OI 2016 (Hydro International, 17/02/2016)

Optical Modem for Subsea Communication (Hydro International, 17/02/2016)

Acoustic Profiler Simplifies Suspended Sediment Measurements (Hydro International, 16/02/2016)

OI 2016: one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans on the conference agenda (All about shipping, 16/02/2016)

Oceanology International 2016 (Energy Global, 09/02/2016)

High precision under high pressure (Engineer Live, 03/02/2016)

Keeping pace with the challenges: Oceanology 16 (Maritime Journal, 02/02/2016)

OI 2016: Growing Aquaculture Opportunities (Marine Technology, 02/02/2016)

Record-breaking Oceanology International (Maritime Journal, 01/02/2016)

OI 2016: monitoring structural integrity to understand risk and reliability  (Energy Global, 28/01/2016)

OI 2016: hydrography, geophysics and geotechnics (Energy Global, 27/01/2016)

OI 2016: unmanned vehicles and vessels in the spotlight (Energy Global, 24/01/2016)

Make the Ocean your Office with the Oceanology International Careers Day (Imperial College London, 21/01/2016)

OI 2016: exhibition and conference (Energy Global, 20/01/2016)

OI 2016: Positioning & Metrology Techniques & Technologies (Hydro International, 20/01/2016)

Oceanology International 2016 Call for Papers deadline (ROV Planet, 09/08/2015)

Oceanology International Call for Papers deadline approaches (Hydro International,  07/08/2015) 

 OI 2016 calls for conference papers abstracts (Tidal Energy Today, 07/08/2015)

Oceanology International 2016– Conference call for papers deadline approaches (All About Shipping 07/08/2015)

Oceanology International 2014

Robotic submarines make waves in the oil and gas sector (The Engineer, 15/04/2014)

The deepest horizon takes centre stage (The Engineer, 10/04/2014)

Bustling Oceanology International 2014 for OSIL (Hydro-International, 03/04/2014)

Here come the water works (Material World, 02/04/2014) 

UTEC StarNet Announces Partnership With Sky Futures (The American Surveyor, 02/04/2014)

Highest Numbers for Spillex/Oceanology International (Spill International, 24/03/2014)

DensiTune promises dredger deployment savings (Maritime Journal, 24/03/2014)

An unprecedented Oceanology International experience for Osiris Projects (Your Oil and Gas News, 24/03/2014) 

Highest Numbers for Oceanology International (Hydro-International, 20/03/2014)

Record Breaking Oceanology International (, 20/03/2014) 

Record breaking Oceanology International (BYM Marine & Maritime News)

CARIS and Kongsberg Pen Renewed MOU at Oi 2014 (Subsea World News, 14/03/2014) 

UKSPILL at Spillex, Oceanology International 2014 (Hydro-International, 13/03/2014)

Brone Survey Debuts at OI 2014 (Hydro-International, 12/03/2014)

New Guidelines for Renewables Site Investigation to Be Introduced at Oceanology (, 11/03/2014) 

OI 2014 Technology Preview (, 11/03/2014) 

AutoNaut Unveiled at Oi 2014 (World Maritime News, 11/03/2014)

Kongsberg introduces offshore leak detection system at Oceanology (Offshore Energy, 11/03/2014) 

Ireland marine tech to be highlighted at Oceanology International event (Silicon Republic, 11/03/2014)

BMT to Showcase Expertise at Oceanology International (4Coffshore, 06/03/2014)

Marine Science & Technology Industry Trends Survey at OI2014 (Hydro-International, 06/03/2014)

Oceanology International Offers Glimpse of Ocean Technology (Hydro-International, 04/03/2014)

IMarEST to play multi-faceted role at Oceanology International (Safety 4 Sea, 13/02/2014) 

Next Generation Bathymetry System EdgeTech 6205 to be Introduced at Oceanology International (Ocean News & Technology, 04/03/2014)

UK: Workshop at Oceanology International 2014 Takes Place in London (, 24/02/2014) 

Event: Oceanology International - Aquaculture conference (The Aquaculturist, 24/02/2014)

IMCA plays an active role at Oceanology International 2014 (IHS Maritime 360, 06/02/2014)

Marine renewables under spotlight at Oceanology International 2014 (Engineer Live

Spillex at Oceanology International (Maritime Global News, 26/02/2014) 

Subsea mining in the conference spotlight at OI 2014 (Dredging News Online, 12/02/2014)

Aquaculture Under the Spotlight at Oceanology International 2014 (The Fish Site, 03/02/2014)

Largest OI ever (International Ocean Systems, March-April issue)

Norwegian Regulations (

Registration Oceanology International 2014 Opens (Hydro-International, 11/12/2013)

Innovation And Investment Feature Area at Oceanology International (Hydro-International, 11/11/2013)

Oceanology International 2014 Launches New Innovation Zone (Subsea World News, 08/11/2013)

Oceanology International 2014 launches New Innovation Zone (GeoConnexion, 08/11/2013)

Oceanology International China 2013 Paves Way For Repeat (Hydro-International, 30/09/2013)

Success of Inaugural Oceanology International China Paves Way for 2014 Repeat (Subsea World News, 30/09/2013)

Oceanology International China Paves Way for 2014 Repeat (, 27/09/2013)

Oceanology International China Paves Way for 2014 Repeat (, 27/09/2013)

Oceanology International China Paves Way for 2014 Repeat (MaritimeProfessional, 27/09/2013)

MacArtney and SeaTech China Sign Exclusive Agreement (Ocean News & Technology, 25/09/2013)

Success of inaugural Oceanology China paves the way for 2014 repeat (BYM Marine Environment News, 21/09/2013)

Deadline extended for Oceanology International 2014 Conference Abstracts (BYM Marine Environment News, 12/09/2013)

Chelsea Technologies at OI China (Hydro-International, 04/09/2013)

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency : Atlantic Companies making a spash at inaugural Oceanology International China 2013 (, 04/09/2013)

Exhibitors from 21 Countries at Inaugural Oceanology International China (Subsea News, 14/08/2013)

21 countries exhibiting at inaugural Oceanology International China (GeoConnexion, 13/08/2013)

Marine and Ocean Science Expo Attracts International Exhibitors (Exhibition World, 13/08/2013)

Oceanology International China 2013 (Marine Scientist, August 2013)

Keynotes Confirmed for OI China 2013 (Hydro-International, 27/06/2013)

Powerful Keynote Addresses Confirmed for Inaugural Oceanology International China (Subsea World News, 27/06/2013)

Oceanology International China Keynote Address Confirmed (, 26/06/2013)

China. Powerful keynote addresses confirmed for inaugural Oceanology International China exhibition (BYM Marine & Maritime News, 26/06/2013)

UK: Oceanology International 2014 – Call for Abstracts Open (Subsea World News, 16/04/2013)

Oceanology International 2014 – Call For Abstracts (, 15/04/2013)

Oceanology International 2014 - calls for abstracts open (GeoConnexion, 15/04/2013)

Call for Abstracts about to Open for OI 2014 (Hydro International, 10/04/2013)

Call for abstracts for Oceanology International 2014 (Renewable Energy Magazine, 09/04/2013)

Free Registration for Oceanology International China 2013 Open (Subsea World News, 19/03/2013)

Registration Open for Oceanology International China 2013 (Offshore Energy Today, 19/03//2013)

Registration Open For OI China 2013 (Hydro International, 18/03/2013)

Inaugural Oceanology International China 2013 Receives Strong Support (Subsea World News, 07/02/2013)

Oceanology International China 2013 Receives Strong Support (Offshore Energy Today, 07/02/2013)

Strong Start for Oceanology International China 2013 (Hydro International, 07/02/2013)

Reed Exhibitions launches exhibition on marine environmental accidents
(Exhibition World, 23/01/2013)

Spillex Exhibition to be held alongside Oceanology International 2014 (BMY News, 11/01/2013)

Oceanology International Looking Forward to 2014 (Hydro International, 10/12/2012)

Reed Exhibitions to Expand Oceanology International into China (TSNN, 09/10/2012)

Oceanology International China 2013 Opens Its Doors (Subsea World News, 04/10/2012)

Oceanology International China 2013 Opens Its Doors (, 04/10/2012)

Oceanology International Goes Chinese (Hydro International, 03/10/2012)

Oceanology International China 2013 opens its doors in Shanghai (BYM Marine and Maritime News, 03/10/2012)

Oceanology International China 2013 opens its doors (, 03/10/2012)

(Exhibition World, 03/10/2012)

OCEANOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 2014 Set to break Records! (Eco friendly news, 17/07/2012)

Oceanology International 2014 Already Breaking Records (Hydro International, 10/07/2012)

Oceanology International 2014 already breaking records (Offshore Shipping Online)

OCEANOLOGY EXPANDS SHOW FOOTPRINT FOR 2014 (Exhibition news, 10/07/2012)

Oceanology International 2014 is already breaking records (BYM Marine & Maritime News, 09/07/2012)

ASL Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (Ocean News & Technology, June 2012)

Oceanology International 2012 Review: Record breaker (International Oceans Systems, May-June 2012)

Oceanology International 2012 heads for record (Maritime Journal, 21/05/2012)

Oceanology International 2012 - a record breaker (Ocean News & Technology, May 2012)

Marine Technology Society Member Pavillion success (Ocean News & Technology, May 2012)

Mariscope presents new ROV with system integration (Ocean News & Technology, May 2012) 

Unique System UK orders £1m of Sonardyne 6G equipment (Ocean News & Technology, May 2012)

OSIL unveils new Tern buoy (Ocean News & Technology, May 2012)

USA: BioSonics Introduces MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder (Subsea World News, 18/05/2012)

Satlantic Representatives Discuss Research Applications Across the Globe (Subsea World News, 14/05/2012)

USA: Oceanscience Introduces Z-Boat for Shallow Water Hydrographic Surveys (Subsea World News, 02/05/2012)

New Wideview 3D interferometric side-scan sonar (Ocean News & Technology, April 2012)

OI '12 Breaks Records (Marine Technology Reporter, April 2012)

U.A.E: UMG Receives Best Sales Representative Award from CodaOctopus (Subsea World News, 17/04/2012)

Sonardyne nets £1m order from Unique (Offshore Engineer, 26/03/2012)

Unique System UK Orders Sonardyne’s 6G Equipment (Subsea World News, 26/03/2012)

OI 2012: The best Oceanology International event ever! (, 26/03/2012)

UK: Nexans Cables Meet Changing Needs of ROV Manufacturers (Subsea World News, 23/03/2012)

UK: Ashtead Technology Announces Purchase of Sonardyne 6G Technology (Subsea World News, 20/03/2012)

USA: Sonardyne Retrieves Its Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder from Hawaii (Subsea World News, 20/03/2012)

UK: Sonardyne Presents New Automatic Leak Detection Sonar (ALDS) (Subsea World News, 20/03/2012)

UK: Sonardyne and WHOI Join Forces to Launch BlueComm (Subsea World News, 20/03/2012)

UK: Planet Ocean Launches ic-Listen-HF Hydrophone at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 16/03/2012)

UK: Applied Acoustics Sells 150th USBL Tracking System at Oceanology 2012 (Subsea World News, 16/03/2012)

Oceanology International 2012 Attracts Impressive Numbers (Hydro International, 15/03/2012)

Sonardyne retrieves Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder from Hawaii (Offshore Engineer, 14/03/2012)

UK: Coda Octopus Products and Seatronics Pen Echoscope TAP Agreement (Subsea World News, 14/03/2012)

Oceanology International 2012 Navigation and Positioning Conference (Inside GNSS, 13/03/2012)

Collaboration on Subsea Optical Communication (Hydro International, 13/03/2012)

Hemisphere GPS Introduces New Products at UK’s Ocenology International (Subsea World News, 13/03/2012)

UK: Gardline Launches Rebrand at Oceanology International 2012 (Subsea World News, 13/03/2012)

UK: UMG Presents New Diving Equipment at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 13/03/2012)

UK: WFS Technologies Chairman Wins AMSI Business Person of the Year Award 2012 (Subsea World News, 12/03/2012)

UK: SubC Control Unveils Aquorea LED at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 11/03/2012)

Norddeutsche maritime Kompetenz auf der Oceanology International 2012 (Pressebox, 09/03/2012)

UK: Caley Showcases Oceanographic Handling Systems at Oceanology 2012 (Subsea World News, 09/03/2012)

UK: Oceanology International 2012 Provides Platform for BMT Group (Subsea World News, 08/03/2012)

UK: AML Oceanographic to Introduce New Products at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 07/03/2012)

UK: CodaOctopus at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 07/03/2012)

Kongsberg seals deals (Upstream, 06/03/2012)

UK: MMT Exhibits at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 06/03/2012)

U.A.E: Unique Maritime Group Delivers Echoscope 3D Sonars to DI-MEDCO (Subsea World News, 01/03/2012)

CRSL to exhibit at Oceanology International 2012 (Offshore Shipping Online,

UK: PDM Neptec Prepares for Oceanology International 2012 (Subsea World News, 14/02/2012)

UK: Saab Seaeye to Showcase its Products at Oceanology International (Subsea World News, 14/02/2012)

UK: Three Companies Team Up for Oceanology International 2012 (Subsea World News, 13/02/2012)

UK: Three Companies team up for Oceanology International 2012 (, 13/02/2012)

UK: Sonardyne to Demonstrate ‘Deeper Understanding’ at Oceanology International 2012 (Subsea World News, 07/02/2012)

UK: Marine Electronics Announces Launch of New Sonars at Oceanology 2012 (Subsea World News, 19/01/2012)

Osiris Projects to exhibit at Oceanology International 2012 (Your Subsea News, 18/01/2012)

UK: Osiris Projects to Participate at Oceanology International 2012 (Subsea World News, 18/01/2012)

UK: Teledyne TSS Announce Launch of New Products at Oceanology 2012 (Subsea World News, 18/01/2012)

Oceanology International Open for Registrations (Hydro International, 01/12/2011)

 Offshore Marine Management Launches New Survey and Subsea Business (UK) (Subsea World News, 05/07/2011)









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