Z-Boat 1800 becomes autonomous

www.hydro-international.com, 20 Aug 2014 15:26

The Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800 remotely-operated hydrographic survey boat has completed final trials with an on-board autonomous waypoint navigation system, and is ready to get surveying, reports Hydro International. The GNSS controlled, IMU-aided "robo" Z-Boat option is a result of a partnership between The Oceanscience Group (USA), MSubs (UK) and Swathe Services (UK) and adds autonomy to the substantial list of options for the 1.8m portable hydrographic survey system. While under manual or autopilot control, the Z-Boat can gather single or dual frequency echosounder bathymetry, side scan imagery, water quality or ADCP velocity data.


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