Smartphones and Apps mean faster Oil Spill response, 10 May 2013 10:22

The UK Spill Association has now launched its own UKSpill App, you can download a copy free from iTunes Appstore. This will revolutionise access to Spill information when it is most needed, by putting it a smartphone. The google mapping facility means  that your location and that of the nearest Spill Responder is in your hands, showing the Accreditation status, contact details and the Responder’s website.

It is not just about showing where the nearest responder is to deal with your Oil, or chemical spill, but you can also find sources of equipment that you might need to cope with a spill. A major driver for this development was the need to get access to Accredited Spill responders in the UK into the hands of all those who need to know, from the government agencies to the public.

Search for UK Spill to download the app on the iTunes App Store


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