Manifestations of our iron-cored planet, 20 Aug 2014 15:36

Manifestations of our iron-cored planet
The magnetic poles are the two points on the surface of the Earth at which the magnetic field points vertically down or up (in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively).  These points are located near, but not at the northern and southern geographic poles.  The geographic poles are located at the axis of rotation and are relatively fixed in position.  The magnetic poles, though, are continually moving.  The molten iron core of the Earth acts as a giant magnet and the Earth’s rotation serves to create the planet’s magnetic field.  The molten core, though, is in motion and it is this motion that is largely responsible for the drift of the magnetic poles, reports the Magnetic Poles blog on Marine Professional, which explains the north pole is moving at 25 miles pa, while the south is slower at 8mpa.


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