Complete tasks

Complete tasks

Tasks act as a reminder to complete mandatory elements of your profile, or prompt you to consider optional tasks that will enhance your profile in order to stand out.

Use the 'Checklist of tasks' links on the home page to complete a task or to see your progress.

Expanding the 'Company task list' will give you a full list of tasks and you can see exactly what has been completed and what still needs to be completed. You can then click an individual task to view more information and complete it.

Alternatively, click on 'Tasks' when editing your profile, which will take you the page shown below, where you can view a list of tasks with their status of completion.

Here you can use the dropdown menu to filter which tasks you'd like to view. For mandatory tasks you will see a due date for relevant tasks and how long you have before these must be completed.

Completing a task

Clicking on a task will take you to the relevant page where you can fill in the details applicable to the task. Once completed, you will be able to see your progress reflected on the 'Exhibitor Portal' home page.

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