Add additional people to manage your company profile

Add additional people to manage your company profile

If you would like to let others manage leads and reply to inbox messages, you can give additional people from your company access to your Exhibitor Portal.

Use the 'Quick Links' at the bottom of the home page to add/manage people or to see how many have already been added.

Alternatively, click on 'People Manager' when editing your profile.

Add a new person to the portal

Click on 'Add People'.

Insert their email address and click 'Next'.

If the email address already exists in the system, you will be presented with the details for the existing user. Click 'Save'.

If it's a new email address, you will then need to fill in the admin's details and click 'Save'.

An automated email will be sent to the email address you input with details of how they can set their password and login to the portal. Repeat for any additional people you would like to manage your account.

Note: the Administrator role gives a person access to edit the company profile. It allows them to upload any marketing material for the company and manage their inbox.

Caution: these people will be able to change other details in your company profile, such as the picture and website description, so make sure you only add people that you trust.

Manage people who have access to the portal

If at any point you need to resend login details to a person, click on the pencil icon in the 'Edit' column.

Here you can click 'Resend Admin Welcome Email' and an email will be sent to the person’s email address with the necessary information.

You can also manage whether someone gets email notifications for any new messages or leads received by checking or unchecking the 'Notify for enquiries' checkbox.

Remove access to the portal

If you need to remove a person’s access to the portal, you can untick the 'Enable access to the Exhibitor Portal' checkbox.

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