New Technology Showcase

The New Technology Showcase will feature an exclusive selection of exhibitors sharing new products and technologies with the marine science and ocean technology industry. Taking place in the Investment, Trade & Innovation Theatre on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 March 2018, keep checking back for more details on who's presenting.

  • Confirmed presenters:

    Wednesday 14 March

    14:00-14:25 - ION

    Enabling the Revolution in Maritime Digitalization: Unique Solutions for Marine Control, Navigation and Optimization
    Chris Usher, EVP & COO, ION

    Celebrating its 50th year, ION is an established leader in innovative and high-end technology in the marine geophysical industry, who enable the operation of the largest moving objects on the planet. The company is now delivering key elements of its technology to several other maritime markets, and will highlight three of these from its diverse devices and software portfolio. The presentation will highlight Marlin – the smarter management system for maritime operations. ION developed Marlin as a digital platform fusing all relevant data to enable offshore stakeholders to collaborate in real time, orchestrate their operations, reduce costs and improve safety performance. Other highlights will cover SailWing, an innovative foil-based control system that provides an alternative to conventional marine diverters; and Compass – a heading sensor that uses an optical encoder that is magnetically aligned to the earth’s North Pole. Compass provides accurate, reliable measurements under a variety of marine operating conditions at all latitudes worldwide, without the need for in-theater recalibration.
    Phone: +44(0) 7557 684 662

    14:30-14:55 - Tritech

    The Latest in Multibeam Sonar Technology (Tritech); Reducing ROV Operating Costs and Enhancing Reliability with Monitoring Technology (Focal)
    Scott McLay, Sales Director, Tritech International and Maurice Fraser, Sales Manager, Focal Technologies

    Tritech International and Focal, who are both Moog Inc companies, are showcasing their newly released products - the latest sonar technology from Tritech and an innovative heath monitoring solution for fibre-optic installations from Focal.
    Tritech highlights its latest development in cutting edge multibeam technology. Multibeam imaging has evolved to become the standard for a range of subsea operations, and in many instances has replaced mechanical scanning sonars. Tritech’s latest Gemini multibeam sets a new benchmark within the industry.
    Focal are presenting a solution that offers significant benefits in fault finding in fiber-optic cable over the conventionally used Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.

    Phone:  +1-902-468-2263 

    15:00-15:25 - Teledyne Marine

    Teledyne Marine: New Technology Advancements
    Matt Burdyny,  Business Development, Teledyne Marine

    Join us for this spotlight presentation in which Teledyne Marine will detail its latest technology advancements.  We’ll unveil a series of brand new 2018 products, software and technology spanning Instruments, Imaging, Vehicles and Interconnect solutions. These new innovations have been designed with our customers in mind to address a wide array of subsea challenges.



    15:30-15:55 - Sound Metrics

    ONE Sonar, COUNTLESS Options
    Joe Burch, President, Sound Metrics Corp

    ARIS Defender - two sonars in one, easily converts from a stand-alone diver held to a fully functional ARIS Explorer for vehicle deployment. The user can easily collect high-resolution video quality images in zero visibility conditions. Get a sneak peak of our NEW Deep-Sea Sonar: ARIS Voyager. Depth rated to 4000m, this robust titanium sonar allows you to explore over 85% of the worlds’ oceans. We have the tools you want for the answers you need.

    Phone: 425-822-3001


    16:00-16:25 - Ocean Alpha

    Technology Application and Development of Marine USV
    Dr Zili Tang, Vice General Manager, Ocean Alpha

    There is extensive attention of Marine unmanned vessels in recent years, the Ocean Alpha as the foregoer of this industry, it had significant achievements in several areas, including underwater topographic survey, maritime patrol enforcement and physical oceanography survey. In 2016, Ocean Alpha won the highest award for China's marine science and technology.

    Phone: +86 07563626619


    16:30-16:55 - H20 ROBOTICS

    H2OMNI-X: Revolutionary Multipurpose Unmanned Surface Vehicle
    Marin Bek, CEO, H20 Robotics

    H2O Robotics is a spin-off company which is a result of more than 20 years of experience in research and development of underwater systems and technologies at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. For the first time at Oceanology International, H2O Robotics is proud to present a new kind of autonomous surface marine vehicle – H2Omni-X.

    H2Omni-X is a versatile autonomous surface vehicle capable of carrying and operating different payloads for both above-water and underwater applications. What makes H2Omni-X unique is that it is one-man portable (simple logistics and deployment), highly maneuverable (omnidirectional movement) and modular. It is also fault tolerant, energy efficient and operates on open source software architecture which makes it highly competitive in comparison to similar solutions in the market.
    Phone: +385 91 310 5480



    Thursday 15 March

    10:30-10:55 - INTERMARE SOUTH BALTIC

    New Ocean Technology Centre in Rostock
    Krzysztof Śmiech, Sales Manager, Gdansk International Fair, Gdansk, Poland & Gert Proba, Executive Director Business Expansion, Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH

    INTERMARE SOUTH BALTIC is an Interreg South Baltic Programme project undertaken to support the maritime economy in the whole region of the South Baltic through a network of companies and stakeholders. Krzysztof Smiech will present the goals and next steps of the project.
    Rostock Business will present the concept of the Ocean Technology Centre in Rostock, a centre for development, testing and education of innovative maritime and subsea technologies. The aim of the centre is that Rostock shall become the internationally leading location of subsea technology development and testing in the Baltic Sea Region.


    11:00-11:25 - Space Application Services

    DexROV / From the Stars to the Seabed
    Dr Jeremi Gancet, Project Manager DexROV, Space Applications Services

    DexROV applies new technologies to allow safer, more cost-effective undersea operations with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). DexROV makes it possible to move the control of ROVs from on-location surface vessels to a shore based operations centre. DexROV provides advanced dexterous tools with the capacity to grip and manipulate in ways similar to a human hand for salvage, repair, and surveillance in some of Earth’s most difficult environments. ROV operation is supported using exoskeleton technology. Global operations are made possible using satellite communications to the location of operations compensating for communication latency by applying autonomy.

    Contact: Leslie Gale, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Space Applications Services
    Website: /
    Mobile: +31 6 5777 2350
    Direct: +32 2 416 0547
    Phone: +32 2 721 5484

    11:30-11:55 - Ocean Innovation System

    Inspection modular Modular ROV
    Aurélien Majorel, Co-founder, Ocean Innovation System

    The S-ROV® is an innovative mini ROV dedicated to inspection and measurement in the field of aquaculture, security, defense, oceanology and divers assistance. The S-ROV® is configurable to best fit the customer application. Its design and modularity guarantee a high reliability, scalability and ease of maintenance.

    The S-ROV® has an immersion capacity of up to 300m and 3.5kg P-load. It can embark up to 7 additional modules. The S-ROV® is equipped with 6 to 8 thrusters, a HD camera, an inertial unit and a pressure sensor in it's nominal configuration.
    Tel: 09 54 87 35 73


    12:30-12:55 - nke Instrumentation

    The New Generation of Autonomous Data Logger: WiSens
    Luc Simon, Sales Manager, nke Instrumentation

    nke Instrumentation presents its new generation of products : the most compact Wi-Fi remote water-sensing loggers on the market. Developed and designed by nke, these new autonomous data loggers offer a very high ease of use thanks to the Wi-Fi, fully integrated in the WiSens logger using a simple on/off switch. We will demonstrate how easily you can set up the WiSens data loggers with any PC (MAC/Windows), Tablet or Smartphone (Android/IOS) and retrieve data of many different parameters: temperature, pressure, conductivity, salinity, acceleration, turbidity, and further to come!

    Phone: 07 89 36 99 46


    13:00-13:25 - MMT

    Surveyor Interceptor 2
    Philip Ljungström, Sales Manager, MMT Sweden AB

    The Surveyor Interceptor ROV is specially designed by MMT, Reach Subsea and Kystdesign to significantly increase progress rate during pipeline inspections and surveys as well as to push the resolution and accuracy of ROV surveys to a new level. 99 % of all ROVs on the market are shaped as boxes which is not so hydrodynamic, creating vibrations that might interfere with the equipment mounted. Now there is an ROV, the Surveyor Interceptor 2 ROV, which is designed for speed without any vibrations and equipped for inspections, geophysical surveys as well as UXO surveys at hitherto unseen resolution.

    Phone: +46 736-483545

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