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The Catch The Next Wave Webinars:

This 2 part webinar series of Catch The Next Wave will explore where we are heading in areas of technology which have been at the heart of Oceanology International over the course of its 50 year history. Paired speakers from within and outside of the ocean science and marine technology community will give stimulating perspectives on future direction across key technology themes. The emphasis will be on exploring how connections across industry sectors and between disciplines can underpin innovations to meet the needs of the next 50 years.

Part 1: Manned Exploration and The Future of Materials Technology and Ocean Sensing

Tuesday 17th November > 2.00pm UK time

Chairperson's Introduction

Ralph Rayner, President, SUT


Keynote: Manned Exploration

Going the Last 7 Miles - Looking Backwards at the Future

Don Walsh, Explorers Club and Triton Submarines


The Future of Materials Technology

Windows on the deep

Marc von Locquenghien, Product Manager Specialty Glazing – Acrylic Products, Röhm GmbH

Mr. Jakob Sixl, Managing Partner, Heinz Fritz GmbH

Disrupting manufacturing one layer at a time

David Wimpenny, Chief Technologist, National Centre for Advanced Manufacturing


The Future of Ocean Sensing

The Tree of Life

Mark Blaxter, Senior Group Leader, Sanger Institute

A Revolution in DNA Sequencing

Melody Clark, Genetics Leader, British Antarctic Survey

A Revolution in DNA Sequencing

Dan Fordham, Scientist, Oxford Nanapore

Sequencing the ocean - opportunities and challenges

Francisco Chavez, Senior Scientist/Biological Oceanographer, MBARI

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Part 2: The Future of Ocean Imaging, Data Management, Autonomy & Robotics

Thursday 19th November > 2.00pm UK time

Chairperson's Introduction

Ralph Rayner, President, SUT


The Future of Ocean Imaging

Making Movies

Colin Jackson, Series Producer, BBC Natural History Unit

Visualising the Ocean in 3D

Blair Thornton, Associate Professor, University of Southampton


The Future of Ocean Data Management

Visualising the world with GIS

Drew Stephens, serving a Vice President, Geosciences for CPC, Inc

New Perspectives on Ocean Data

Steve Adler, Advisor, Ocean Data Alliance


Autonomy and Robotics

The Future of Autonomous Systems

Yvan Petillots, Professor of Robotics and Computer Vision, Heriot-Watt University

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Brett Phaneuf, Managing Director, Msubs Limted

Crossing the Atlantic with AI

Eric Aquaroone, IBM Q Ambassador, IBM UK


Closing Keynote: The Seychelles Expedition

Oliver Steeds. CEO, Nekton Foundation & Patrick Lahey, Co-Founder, Triton Submarines

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Each speaker gets 15 minutes each otherwise it goes on way too long to be sat at a computer or on the same ON24 call

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