Add documents

Add documents

Within the documents section you can upload various document types to be displayed within your Company Profile, depending on your package.

Use the ‘Quick Links’ at the bottom of the home page to add a new document or to see how many you are allowed to upload.

Alternatively, click on 'Documents' when editing your profile.

From here, you can select from a variety of document types that you can add to your profile. Click 'Add New' next to the document type you would like to add.

Alternatively, clicking on the Library Type will take you to a summary page where you can see the documents you have already uploaded, and then click 'Add New' from here.

Complete the fields with the relevant information and click 'Save'.

Editing documents

Once you have uploaded a document, you can then make various changes.

  1. Add or edit images and videos depending on the entitlements of your Exhibitor Package, and see how many of each content type has already been uploaded.
  2. Manage the positions of the documents being displayed on your web listing.
  3. View, edit or delete the document.

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